Nendoroid ‘Misaka’

December 25, 2013 at 8:51 am | Posted in Nendoroid/Petit | 7 Comments
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Misaka 1

Merry Christmas Everyone and Look Who is coming for Christmas, Nendoroid ‘Misaka’

First thanks for a friend help me get this from AFA singapore 😀

It’s been a while since my last purchase of full size Nendoroid, I believe it was Remilia scarlet back in 2010

Misaka 2

So here Nendoroid ‘Misaka’ of sister project with her signature goggles

Misaka 3

Seems they giving spare joint now, that’s new for me to see and 4 stickers of Gekota Badge like the one Misaka 9982 wear.Misaka 4I want to kill you, says MISAKA 😛Misaka 5I got a gun says ‘Misaka’ pointing her gun Misaka 6

Visor on 😀Misaka 7

Misaka 8

this also new for me, No need to pull the head off to switch the face

Misaka 9

a falling cat and optional skirt included to remake pose from 5th episode of railgun SMisaka 10

Misaka 11

my favorite face it looks quite funny Misaka 12

let’s try the Gekota badge Misaka 13

Misaka 14

Misaka 15

I will catch this big cat says MISAKA



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  1. It’s nice to see how much nendo have advanced, with the swapping of face XD and spare joints and wow number 361.

    My favorite face should be the second one with the normal eyes, guess it’s just my preference but the side way eyes i would agree is funny XD.

    Is the visor removable ? If it is it could be both Misaka & ‘Misaka’ 😀

    ~Merry Christmas to your Too :D~

    • I think broke couple joints from the old one while change the head so yeah this time they did a good job, Yeah seems this nendoroid thing almost reach 400.
      Yeah The normal face thing looks adorable but that’s a common face for a nendoroid ^^
      unfortunately the visor not removable I Think should buy Misaka mikoto too ahaha Merry Christmas 😀

  2. She looks like fun, a Nendo with firearms XD

    It’s really cute with her big head, the wide face is my favorite, the second one is also quite nice, swap faces got common with these Nendoroids..
    Does she have striped pantuies, like the original?

    • I feel she have better face options than Misaka Mikoto, yeah it got striped panties ^^

  3. Nice nendo! 😀

  4. I can’t believe this is not worth $120 to $150 in the US

    • wow that’s very expensive, I got this for like $55 and I think mostly sell for $70

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