AC03 Kamen Rider Ryugen Grape Arms

January 22, 2014 at 4:49 pm | Posted in Kamen Rider Toys | 6 Comments
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AC Ryugen 1

AC03 Kamen rider/Armored rider Ryugen,

I still hesitate to collect these AC figures so currently I only bought two of my favorite rider on the series.

AC Ryugen 2


AC Ryugen 3

the base body

green I like it

AC Ryugen 4

This time the armor have Budou/Grape shape

AC Ryugen 5

AC Ryugen 6

“Ryu Hou Ha Ha Ha”

AC Ryugen 7

so while Gaim have a shape of Armored Samurai warrior Ryugen is Armored Chinese warrior  (with a gun lol)

AC Ryugen 8

I like pistols and that also a reason I like him but probably most will think Chinese weapon will looks better, maybe a huge saber like the one used on many wuxia films or a staff like the monkey king :p

AC Ryugen 9

probably the designer watch too many “Gun Fu” action from hong kong action movies :p

AC Ryugen 10

the gun called Budou Ryuhou not sure about the meaning.

it have good shape but don’t have a impressive paint details it lack of gold coloring.

AC Ryugen 12

but fuck the gun, who need it while you can do Kung Fu ahahaha

AC Ryugen 13

Comparison with Gaim

I would say Gaim looks better on this action figure line

AC Ryugen 14

and let’s see how they looks when swapping armors

AC Ryugen 15

Gaim Budou arms

AC Ryugen 16

Ryugen Orange arms

AC Ryugen 17

I think Gaim looks pretty good with this armor.

AC Ryugen 18

found this pedicab from my nephew stash :p


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  1. WoW… so now you got this “figure with gimmick” from Kamen Rider series. These 2 looks nice and the tri-shaw is an added bonus. Between the 2, I prefer the green guy with orange stuff LOL

    • This armor change series gimmick really fun for me 😀

  2. Haha the “fruit rangers” keep on coming!

    Do they fight against the fast food alliance, actually?
    The grape gun is cool, but I like Gaim a bit more.

    • ahaha yeah they do looks fit as rangers but very unfortunate they fight each other and against monsters,considering ‘Gen Urobuchi’ write for this series I can’t say the story is funny with fast food monsters appears, it’s start getting twisted like his usual works on game, novel or anime.
      Yeah Gaim looks better especially when we compared these action figures

      • Oh really, I didn’t know this at all. So it’s not suited for kids?

        • It supposed to be kid’s show, but I can say it aiming both adults and children these days so pretty enjoyable for any age, and like anime right now that mainly aiming towards teenagers and adults not just funny anime for whole family like during 70s-80s, Probably you can try watch it to make judgement yourself 😀

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