Action Pose BIMA Satria Garuda

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‘Action Pose Bima Satria garuda’

it’s Some sort of small action figure in blind plastic packaging, they looks similar with usual kamen rider or Super sentai candy toy just without the candy.

If you don’t know Bima Satria Garuda, it’s indonesian “tokusatsu show” that aired last year that is collaboration between local Tv and Ishinomori Production. APBSG3

Only 2 type of them Bima the hero and the Villain soldier, choosing them is easier than lego minifigures series :p.

They have a lot of stickers to put on, reminds me with Kamen rider candy toy figure but this time they looks more cheap!!!


whatever it looks, this still bandai official products (HK/asia division) yeah their merchandise are ‘bandai stuff’ from cheap toys like these and more exclusive bigger action figure or transformation gadget made by bandai asia you can see more in bandai-asia website :


Only the stickers and heads are differents -_- they body just plain black  thing with same size and same shape


Stickers instructions


Much better with the stickers but of course I don’t exactly put them straight ^^;

I think the stickers have pretty good details


the back well … it cost half of usual kamen rider/sentai candy toy what do you expect 😛

usually Japanese Candy Toy goes between 300-500 yen and this action pose is around 200 yen each in current exchange rate LOL


the articulations. He can do kneeling pose but can’t stand still …  so I have to make him lean

I just wish they include weapons since they bother to make holes on their hands….


Comparison with Candy Toy figure of Fourze and AC Gaim


at least there is villain’s soldier in this line 😀


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