Avante 2001 Jr.

March 6, 2014 at 8:23 am | Posted in Mini4WD | 4 Comments
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Recently I found someone sell this Avante 2001 Jr.

So i just get it since back in the days this was one of my most wanted Mini4WD this will bring back old memories 😀

like many classic Mini4Wd Avante 2001 Jr. is based on it’s big brother an Avante 2001 R/C racing car that’s why it got  “Jr.” on it’s name. There was also manga series about brothers that one use the R/C and the younger one use the Mini4Wd one.

Avante series got many variation from generation to generation of Mini4Wd development (Avante,Avante 2001,Super Avante, Avante Mk 2, and Aero avante, without count the color variation) the Avante are from 80s and this 2001 are from begining of 90s also the mini4WD have more variation than it’s R/C version


The kits


so this the Philippines ver. so it seems this made during 2000s not but I don’t care about such a thing model kit being molded again and again so easily by the factory this time they just moved the factory to another country 😀 ( but I think some collectors really hunted the 1st edition made in japan one )


the Body.


Zero chassis







My testing Circuit are pretty Cute right 😛


it’s a Chinese bootlegs one very cheap I don’t think Tamiya ever made one lane circuit somehow I can’t assemble the entire circuit it should be looks like the boxart but I just assemble half of the parts XD at least it fit corner of my room and I can assemble another circuit exactly like this with the remaining parts.


let’s test it but before let me put this on first 😀 so the rear wheels won’t get damaged during cornering


use Default engine from the kit


on/off button



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  1. Jrit jadul abis hahahaha

    • Mainan masa kecil lebih seru :3

  2. Ah a new addition to your mini 4 WD’s ^^ The box illustration is nice, I always liked these model kit illustrations on the boxes. I think the big Avante is also pretty cool.

    You have quite a number of the mini cars, you should invest in a bigger race track I guess 😀

    • They always looks like a bad ass racing vehicles on the boxart, Big Avante must be very hard to find…. No space for bigger track unfortunately but this pretty good I think

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