Capsule Plarail

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Capsule Plarail

Capsule Plarail a Gachapon ver. of Tomy’s Plarail series. yes they are Train set!

anyway My Nephew really like train and plarail series, I kinda attracted too but I want smaller version so yeah this a nice choice and very unlikely that I play with them anyway..

Capsule Plarail1

this capsules are combination of Japanese train  and couple Thomas and friends.

Capsule Plarail2

Look a subway painted with GeGeGe no Kitarō and locomotive

Capsule Plarail3

2-3 capsules of them are thomas and friends series but No train at all from that set … we got like 2 rail set like these and a mountain diorama I think

Capsule Plarail4

I got this GeGeGe no Kitarō 😀 awesome

Capsule Plarail5

I am not sure what kind of train is this 😀 Don’t seems like a bullet train

Capsule Plarail6

a Classic locomotive.

Capsule Plarail7

so kinda lucky get 3 that moving

Capsule Plarail8

yes they are ‘wind up‘ toys but the rarest variant of the small trains are ‘electric’

Capsule Plarail9

a countryside Train Station ?

Capsule Plarail10

yeah it seems so

Capsule Plarail11

mountain ? with sheep ?

Capsule Plarail12

Here Size comparison of the Rail of Plarail and Capsule one

Capsule Plarail13

and I borrow one from my nephew to compare the train Size

Capsule Plarail14

very unfortunate for now I don’t get enough rail. I will try look around for more I need like 9 more of the curve

Capsule Plarail15

Kitaro Train

Capsule Plarail16








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  1. Wow train set in capsules!That’s amazing. 🙂

    • Yeah and make me tempted to buy more …

  2. Cute small toys, I really like the classic locomotive.
    So when you gather enough parts you can make a long railway.
    The battery powered trains look like fun wooosh

    • I rather small railway ^^ they are ‘wind up’ might stop halfway when the spring wear off ahaha, unless i get the electric one someday 😀 wish they can run on the regular track …. but still they a make a good display especially the locomotive.

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