AC08 Kamen Rider Shin Zangetsu

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AC S-Zangetsu1

AC08 Kamen Rider Shin Zangetsu

or mostly referred in the show as White armored rider

basically this an upgraded ver of  Zangetsu

very unfortunate the Figuarts will be released as exclusive but that make me sure to buy this one ahaha instead one exclusive figuarts I can buy like 2 from AC series lol but I Still hesitate to get baron and regular zangetsu thought ^^;

AC S-Zangetsu2

so same contents like the others you get helmet,fruit armor and weapon

AC S-Zangetsu3

I just realized this picture really skewed LOL

AC S-Zangetsu4

nNot much differences with gaim, only belt and head really noticeable

AC S-Zangetsu5

AC S-Zangetsu6

Melon energy arms

AC S-Zangetsu7

AC S-Zangetsu8

As you can see his armor are based on Melon and the chest armor do looks like armor for Kyudo(Japanese archery)

AC S-Zangetsu9

So het got a Bow called Sonic arrow, well allriders using energy lock seeds got this weapon  -_-

AC S-Zangetsu10

if they mean it’s a Japanese archer the bow it too short but considering it also being use as blade for close range combat it fit the theme.

AC S-Zangetsu11

The bow gimmick pretty nice you can actually pull it.

AC S-Zangetsu12

also have peg to put the bow on the back

AC S-Zangetsu13

Ryugen with Melon Nii-san :3

AC S-Zangetsu14

AC S-Zangetsu15

AC S-Zangetsu16

AC S-Zangetsu17

AC S-Zangetsu18

armor swapping

AC S-Zangetsu19

AC S-Zangetsu20


The invincible White armored Rider 😀



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  1. How is Gaim so far?I actually stopped watching Kamen Rider with Gaim. Wasn’t able to get past the fruity theme but my friends say the story makes up for it.

    • I actually like it a lot, yes the story make up for it and later on the series the newer armors also slowly start to get rid the fruit shape impression.

  2. Beraavooo beraaaavoooo

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