Oh My Look! a DD Head

July 5, 2014 at 12:37 pm | Posted in DollfieDream | 5 Comments
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Haven’t update for a while let’s start with what I got yesterday.

Happy 4th Anniversary A’s Toy Box DSC07361

I wish for 2 things this month :

1.. May Germany win the world cup \ 😀 /

2.  and last a body for this head ^^

I bought this recently from YAJ!, time forgot that ranko and any lottery thing (affordable dollfie dream from volks lottery just a dream ) that I never ever win anything  from ….come on 7 times trying already can’t afford any full set from auction but I can buy a head and body and yeah I have enough clothes and extra wig to make a doll (got this for 20.500 yen + proxy fee and shipping). DSC07365 Now can somebody guess whose Dollfie’s this head is this ? oh well click for answer let me think a name I consider Hachi (taken from Hachiko) DSC07379 haven’t touch this wig for a while so yeah pretty messed up maybe she need a little bit touch for her lip DSC07370 probably I need to trim the bangs. DSC07463 DSC07374 I hope can get affordable body on auction pretty soon ^^



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  1. At least you already have the head, these are lovely eyes ^^
    These Doll prices are crazy when they are based on anime culture characters.
    I thought about getting the manual Smart Doll, 58000 + shipping is rather cool for a full doll with clothes and stand.

    anyway good luck with finding the body for cheap

    • Actually I can’t believe myself to get another one.
      True the after market price are crazy for limited character dolls, very low chance to get them from volks lottery too…
      Smart doll very interesting actually, So basically no more love for Miko the busty doll 😛
      Thanks. I hope around next month will get the body.

      • I decided for myself that Miko is not cute enough after all ^^

  2. Oh wow are you assembling this piece by piece? That’s really cool
    Any plans on getting the Smart Doll though? The thing costs a lot but Danny’s build is kinda good so far.

    • Just head and will buy a complete body so not exactly piece by piece (I already have wig and couple set of outfit).
      I am Not really interested with that for now so no plans yet for it, but I do really want to see the robotic one, that sounds pretty cool a moving doll in my room 😀

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