Gaim Arms Action Kamen Rider Knuckle

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Candy Toy of Armored Rider Knuckle.

so basically this can be considered a small and cheaper of Arms Change series

he is one from the third batch of  Candy toys the series here the 3rd batch line up

I want the AC ver.  of this Knuckle but it’s quite expensive as it’s released as Premium bandai exclusive

maybe i will get him maybe not ,I can buy 2 regular AC figures rather than one of the Premium Bandai, but Knuckle and Bravo really nice one to have….

I was only expecting figuarts to have lots of exclusive releases 😦


so here you got the figure, sticker sheet, soda candy and the armor in shape of walnut/kurumi(well don’t exactly looks like one)


so here the instruction instead attach the armor on the head and spread open you attach them one by one


so here the armors


still don’t see it like a walnut ^^


so here kurumi arms

*the Lock seed not included of course 😛


his weapon are pairs of gauntlets called kurumi bombers to punch opponents, so yeah a boxing style fighting.

and you can see the mount for the armor


to bad the gauntlets not covering entirely, they should make back cover too ^^

but yeah a candy toy a 380yen toys


Size comparison with regular AC01 Gaim


kurumi au lait~


Also I just got myself AC12 Kamen rider Duke.




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