Tin Ship

August 2, 2014 at 9:02 am | Posted in Traditional Toys | 2 Comments

Tin Ship1

Not sure what I should call this ship many call with different name ^^ so let’s call it tin ship since it’s most made from Tin containers.

This one of my remembered Childhood toy, they usually sell them on carnival or in some case zoo maybe, kinda hard finding this these days. with plastic toys won over something like this.

Tin Ship2

Side looks.

the shape never change, the size kinda smaller than i used to think or they make it smaller indeed ?

Tin Ship3

the furnace/fireplace

Tin Ship4

muffler ?

somehow it works by boiling the water^^ shown latter

Tin Ship5


Tin Ship6

Tin Ship7

you put cotton here and fill it with oil/alchohol/liquor/gasoline even candle works i think

but it’s recommended something not burn so fast/too large or just don’t put them too much

in this case I use cooking oil

Tin Ship8

so this video below shown how it works well


*it seems wordpress don’t support insert video from flickr anymore even using html code, you had to use the link 😦

if you ask how long this ship will last ?

not exactly too long because the tin won’t last with fire it will definitely melt and sink if you play with it too long. and the tin used to made this not as thick as it used to be …

play couple minutes turn the fire off and wait it to cooling down will do.



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  1. Oh it’s a little Destroyer XD I liike that it shows some gun barrels at the front.
    Are the red and white spot supposed to be a flag?
    It looks rather handmade made in a country with low wages, but like the rough look.
    Oh, it will melt after some time, ha too bad.

    • The turret make pretty good noice,Yes it seems the red and white spot implied the flag, although the red supposed to be on top of the white.
      Indeed, it’s handmade from country with low wages ^^.

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