My New Doll, Ms. Hachiko

August 16, 2014 at 9:26 am | Posted in DollfieDream | 8 Comments
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Couple pictures contain doll nudity,so a little bit NSFW if you think so


No new wig or clothes yet so just use the ones I have.


So I got this DDS body,In the end I got Youmu’s body and box too. Seems not many wants DDS body (or rather Youmu itself) ,  many sell her part by part on YAJ! ^^ , but I think many love her swords, I don’t exactly care about her full set but of course the Roukanken and Hakurouken really nice one to have.


Looks like cancer patient just received chemotherapy ^^

I was debating whether get a  DD body or DDS, but I curious about DDS and it’s a little bit shorter.

thinking about DDdy body too but i it would need different size of clothes ….



Shorter for about 2-3cm, actually maybe I should just compare their naked bodies…


I was considering Yume or Hachiko for name , but in the end i still prefer Hachiko, woof woof :3




yeah more like this all I need is dog ears and tail 😀


nah just forget my Delusion and Fantasy


but hey what’s the meaning of buying them 😀





who would think I will have another Doll ^^..

Next I need to purchase a better wig for Vee….



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  1. Oh another girl, now she’s complete, did you get the body for a good price?
    I thought DDS was more different in size, but she’s just a little shorter than Saber.
    Why is Hachiko the dog in this kinky roleplay game XD

    My doll should actually be shipped next week, I already was looking for clothes, rather difficult to find the right thing.

    • 26k yen without proxy service and shipping, well volks sell DDS body for 30k yen so in the end it’s the same price after all, but still affordable price, and yeah I got limited doll box and gripping/holding hands instead loosely fisting hands,the box a bit messy thought ^^(in total this head + body(20k+26k) cost me 57k yen included with shipping,proxy fees,tax,etc, for comparison the full set cost 65k yen after market and would cost me around 78k to get, well the weapon, clothes and wig still worth more than 20k yen thought but I can’t spend that much money).
      Hmm so which doll it would be ? Mirai Smart doll ?

      • Oh I see.
        Yeah it was Mirai in the end + medium bust part XD
        I was a bit scared while placing my order, quite some money to spend ^^

        • I am sure you will have fun with her 😀

  2. Yesterday at AFAID my friends brought their DDs, and bit complaining how hard it was to keep them from stains and so on, guess they are far harder to maintain.

    Even my friend who got his new DD, Saber Alter, he complained that because of the inside clothes were black, so he was in dilemma put the clothes or not because the fear of stains, while another friend put Saber Nero clothes just fine because inside clothes was white.

    Anyway, on AFA yesterday I also see Dannychoo’s new production albeit competitor of DD, which is SmartDoll, do you know?

    My other friend bought one for 6,7 mil IDR (about 650$ USD). He also got DD before, so far he said SmartDoll (manual ver, so no AI/OS inside) is easier to pose and play with but he didn’t like the eyes are not as good as DD’s eyes

    • Yes, exactly, My only problem with them is staining, my Saber have couple stains. For black clothes i can only say wash them first and only use them for photoshoot after that just take it off ^^. yes I heard a lot about smart doll and how it sold very fast during first day of afaid, I don’t exactly put my interest, but the robot one really cool I think, Haven’t see them in person yet of course.

  3. Grats on finishing your new girl! Do you have any particular hairstyle in mind for Vee’s new wig?

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