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Work Staff Original Crush Gear : Fangdasher

*so if you new on this crush gear thing, it’s toys where two of the gears battling each other till one of them get out of the arena or flip.


I find remaining of my old crush gear and suddenly feel like to get and play with them again, I even re watch couple episodes of the anime series, easy to find them on youtube ^^.

Got this from YAJ! LOL before I realized there still quite a lot play with them and should able to find this locally for cheaper price ^^ ahahaha I also bought a battle arena and a used Garuda Phoenix couple weeks ago.


This gear not appear in the Turbo series but I think do appear as cameo on the Nitro series, but basically this Work Staff Original, supposedly as Original Gear which made by the toy developer.

At first I really want  Arc cavalier but it’s too expensive…Fangdasher3


here to motor and the gear, and the the green thing will move the weapons.

*Silly Bandai not giving any lubricants/grease, at least got some leftover from the Tamiya Mini4wd


this gear using VT chassis (Variable Transmuting) you can switch the center gravity(the battery box), unfortunately unlike the anime they not moving backward or forward by it’s own 😛


there is 4 holes for the screw, battery box on the front will make it into dash type and on the back will make it easier spin.

Spin like this

pretty cool for 12 years old toy ^^

but of course like the name and small wheels it’s using, suggesting that this Gear is more towards a dash type.


Front weapon



rear weapon




the body and stickersFangdasher13


let’s battle him with garuda Phoenix 😀 in this Hexa Arena.



and yeah there will be another gear coming 😀







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  1. Oh my, I remember this anime, childhood memories, along with beyblade. 😀

    • Beyblade and b-daman always getting renewed with new series but not crush gear 😦 …. I wish they make new series maybe with Bigger arena and maybe R/C installed for the toys LOL

  2. Ahhh I still do own some of them now, but I have not played them in a long time. But I recall when I put them in he arena but they never fly off -_- always staying inside and moving around. But I didn’t watch much of Turbo, but more on Nitro XD

    • Hi buddy long time not see 😀 do the NS training ?(just assuming)
      Nice, you still have them 😀 well I don’t think nitro series ever aired in my country, this hexa arena have more “traps”(lower height on walls)than the usual oval one, so yeah make it easier to ring out …..
      I am not fond with the gears design and story either ^^.But The nitro series crush gear are pretty expensive these days especially the one with Double IOD(W iod) some even reach around 10k yen like mach justice sonic and King kaizer. hope will have one someday I really curious with that IOD thing… ^^

      • Sup :D, I am just busy with school life and games XD but finally break.
        Nitro did aired in my country but I never did saw any of the nitro series crush gear being sold at here. Maybe its just those type that never been produce much or is a one time production thing so they never came here.

        • I see 😀 good to hear ^^, too bad you never seen them being sold 😦 despite they are aired on TV, but I believe south korea did aired the series between 2005-2006 so there is korea ver. of those nitro series(coz my hexa arena packageare in korean with nitro logo and bandai logo on them ^^).

  3. where i can get this toy? share link please

  4. Can I buy this stuff?

  5. you sell crushgear sir?

    • Sorry, I am not selling crushgear ^^

  6. Hey.. I have Fangdasher when im still a kid. It was my best crush gear back then. Its my crush gear (no pun intended) i was wondering where could i bought this gear? I miss it.. N the dash type wheel. Its a beauty. A masterpiece.. 😍

    • Fang dasher still popular thought some only buy him simply for the wheels,years back I got it from yahoo auction japan for 1200 yen via a proxy service cost me like $32 in total back then.

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