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Bravo1 ACPB02 Kamen rider Bravo It’s using a Gladiator looking Durian armor. Usually being some sort of comic relief character in the series, a very badass ex-millitary and funny patisserie owner  😀 despite being non-regular character he’s  ridiculously strong at the beginning of series before the main guys get upgraded form of course… .

more can be read about Bravo/Oren on wiki. 

This a Premium bandai stuff so I belive the PB stands for “Premium Bandai”, get this for affordable price around $40. Because it’s too expensive, it seems don’t sold very well , and end  stockpiled in warehouse so yeah the seller, decide to do a clearance sale . not to mention that right after bandai open pre-order for this, they show the figuarts version on tamashii nation months back. Bravo2 the  only noticeable differences with the regular Arms Change is the packaging don’t have clear window. Bravo3 the armor Bravo4 Pretty funny actually imagine a Durian fall on to your head 😛 Bravo5 Bravo6 Bravo7 the weapon are pairs of Saw called Durian Noko Bravo8 The back. Seeing the armor and weapon, it slightly have better painting detail than the regular Arms Change series Bravo9 The armor on shoulder not as big as I imagine earlier, I am pretty happy with this 😀 Bravo10 Oren Kick Bravo11 Bravo12 ❤ armor swap Bravo13 Gaim-Bravo Bravo14 Ryugen-Bravo Bravo15 Shin-Zangetsu- Bravo as you can see the others looks quite good with the durian armor, but despite the green color bravo don’t seems right using another armors….


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  1. The darker green matches better with other colors. Light green not so much. I can’t help but think the durian armor is an allusion to the nature of the character who wears it. ^^;

    • Yeah darker green Should looks better for armor swap, well Indeed the durian is ^^

  2. I really hate those premiere stuff, just because it cost way more when your outside japan. But that rant a side, this figure look pretty much how its suppose to look, maybe because i am a bit bias as i kinda like Bravo design and Oren.

    I really like the concept of the armor change, as I get to see durian arms on many other rider, actually all the one you shown look nice with durian arms, but all the other arms look quite bad on Bravo 😛

    I also surprise that I liked the Gaim series as much as i have now, maybe because i didn’t expect that much plot and seriousness in the series. But i personally feel it better than wizard and fourze, maybe because i like the rider wars concept and all the plot twist XD

    • Well It seems Nowadays, Bandai Model Kit and Figures are dominated with those premium stuff, but yeah no choice if you want them …
      Just like you said the Durian armor is good while the base figure is not..
      I still think the overlord arc quite a crap … but gaim might become my favorite just let’s see how it end soon 😀 I hope it dont have happy end 😛

      • Yeah ……..

        I kinda want Kaito to win XD, but would be kinda similar to Ryuki ending 😛

        • Mitsuzane “mitch” kureshima will always be my favorite 😛 kaito is my least favorite and the arms change figure of baron looks ugly on the shoulders LOL of course this unrelated..
          I just finished watch the raw ahahaha,nah it’s not like ryuki ahahaha more like combination of Puella magi madoka and blade, but let’s see the final one it’s just crossover episode or a canon epilogue

  3. so this is one of the playable version. I myself prefer SHF version, but maybe because of tight budget only able to get Kachidoki Arms SHF someday.

    oh and about the show, it finally ends last Sunday right. This one was my most favourite Kamen Rider show after Kabuto and Decade. Kinda skeptical for Kamen Rider Drive so far from trailer…

    • Yeah in short the Toy ver. some will call, not the bandai tamashii division collectible action figure ^^.The Figuarts kachidoki really looks great, love the armor detail 😀 if only i don’t see the p-bandai thing all the time I might collect the figuarts ….. I barely can’t see myself to spend over $45 for some figure around the figuarts size.
      seeing the trailer of drive, I expect drive to be like W, a case solving detective style with monster in it.

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