Volks Dollfie School Swimsuit

October 2, 2014 at 6:53 am | Posted in Doll Clothes and Accessories | 3 Comments
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Volks School Swimsuit (M-L bust)

Bought this alongside some doll care items, Not exactly my first choice of purchase during the dolpa Osaka8 after event,  because, I was aiming the im@s sailor swimsuit or the modern kimono but yeah it sold very fast as usual … still consider myself lucky to get this school swimsuit 😀


only 2 stuff inside the Sukumizu and towel wrap


Probably, put on this swimsuit is kinda like the real thing


get the swimsuit through the thigh and ass is quite hard you need to give enough force LOL




Not Huge fan of this but it don’t looks bad


next is the towel wrap

I think this a new one because, the last year model giving a regular bath towel instead.







you what in my head, combine it with maid outfit


This Swimsuit have very high chance of staining the doll, I used this for 1 hour and Switch the clothes again but couple days later I check and it have quite a lot of light stain ^^ I should wash my doll body after wearing this earlier 😦

That’s 2 mistakes from me first not wash this before use and second not check the body after wearing it.

I asked around and yeah this will still have high chance to stain even if you washed it over and over again, I only recommended it for photoshoot and make sure the doll body clean before put another clothes


well still a good chance too test the “dream rescue” stain removal from volks





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  1. Is this made of real swimsuit cloth?
    Too bad about the stain, but thx for the warning, I probably better get white swimwear.

    Hachiko has a modest bust, with other sizes I imagine that it looks more stretchy and ecchi around the boobs XD. Between the legs it seems a bit tight, probably because high leg cutout.

    • it seems like a swimsuit cloth but the fabric are thinner.
      Oh seems Mirai has arrived 😀 a white bikini sounds nice actually like the one Sonico usually wear ^^,but you need school swimsuit if you want it to be looks like kancolle submarine 😛 .
      kinda expect stretchy like the doll from the official promo picture.
      well indeed is it quite tight @_@

      • I see. Yes, she’s save and sound here ^^ demanding new clothes from time to time. I think a swimsuit with name batch would be cute, but I rather have a brighter color.

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