A’s Toy Room

October 17, 2014 at 6:47 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | 9 Comments


So here one corner of my room where i display most of my collections, the other corners kinda a mess ^^, and one thing you can’t find in my room are game consoles ^^

still better than how I arrange them last year, not everthing here because I put some of them in boxes


piled of gunpla boxes, the gundams are inside with maybe gashapons and trading figures..

better than become dust magnet ^^


4wd,mattel ‘s hotwheels, more gunpla boxes (I am pretty sure these are empty or just smaller boxes are inside)


inside the crackers tin are beyblades


top of the main glass cabinet ,quite dusty should really clean these quite often


few of them bring back memories from when I start collecting figures while I still do the gundam kits…





and these robots 😛 and rider are on the bottom


this how I keep the boxes ^^


some that still unopened or unassembled and snoopy


the other cabinet have Hachiko and vee,

As me being male and single, Yes, some friends or family, tease me with calling them my dutchwife , my girlfriends , or I tried to make artificial of my dream girl or something like that ahahah ^^…

My family is fine some also appreciate them ^^ but I wonder if I get them quite noticeable big boobies and put on sexy lingerie 😀


waste the full potential of the space inside, but for now I put LEGO here


and the LEGO star wars

well at least they out from cardboard right now 😀




Comic books, Dictionary and Tools


As you can see, Actually I easily get bored, that’s why instead collecting certain items or purchase complete set of certain stuff, I moving from buying this to buying that,an entirely different thing later, so you guys won’t see me have a complete set of certain stuff ^^. and in some case because of my curiosity towards particular toy/figure.. Well If i have a lot of money I might buy all of them in complete set regardless I still have interest or not ahahaha, So I only buy what I want ..




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  1. Seeing other people’s rooms is always interesting. I was thinking about writing a blogpost showing my room too. I wanted to get glass cabinets like yours, but they take up too much space.

    • you haven’t exactly see exactly the entire room only this corner kinda clean lol and I have no bed, just put the mattress on floor

  2. nice! actually I have almost same room arrangement like yours but at bit messy with the clothes and stuff like that…

    maybe I should post mine too but after I did the some clean up first haha

    • well I have a basket for clothes ^^, look forward for it ^^

  3. It’s difficult to have place for all the things that make you happy and the daily needs
    Good job on maintaining the order ;).
    I keep everything hidden in closed closets, except figures and lady Mirai.
    You seem to have all essential accessories for your Dollfies, even the skin tape.

    • unfortunately I don’t have my own closet^^.
      Glad hearing that I heard couple male collectors hide their doll so no one see that, in their room ^^. I put the one for daily use there and the rest in boxes and bags (outfits mostly)soon I should buy a plastic container and put camphor on it so the clothes not ruined fast(white clothes seems to turn yellowing if you don’t take care of it) .

  4. I like the way you display your figure in the glass cabinet XD none of the other figure is covering each other except for the poor Miku :3 and your Nendo Miku look kinda like Mio 😀

    I can see why you display plezuon outside because the sentai mecha scaling is different from normal figure 😛 like my G12 -_- that why it’s is storage.

    Hmm is the thing that is above your cabinet a Television O_O

    • yes it covering miku face ^^ , I don’t have nendoroid miku that’s Kagamiku , she have sad/embarrased face maybe that’s why she looks like mio for you.
      Yes a TV, Actually i want to put the plezuoh on top of the cabinet but it will block the TV ^^,eventually plezuoh(or maybe the crush gears) will move from there.
      I do have one more wooden shelf with figures mixed with books and trading cards but they quite dusty and messy like this ^^

      • Ooo no wonder, I though it was Miku with Mio face at first 😛

        Hmm I guess depending on the angle you are watching your television it might block your vision but that’s how figure are 😀

        That’s quite dusty but at the same time that’s the life of a collector, even in my cabinet it can collect dust due to some gap in my cabinet -_-

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