Crush Gear : King Schwarz Neo

November 8, 2014 at 7:11 am | Posted in CrushGear | 11 Comments
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So here another Gear 😀 this time from Nitro Series,

King Schwarz Neo~ witn W(double) IOD~

This the second gear of the main Rival in the series, I don’t exactly watch the Nitro series so can’t tell much about it.


It’s cost me 4980 yen from yaj and I paid around 8k yen in total


the chassis used are called ZVT which can swich between ZVT/N or ZVT/S with switching the side cover and some minor adjustment (N= Normal, S = Spin).


Unlike old VT with fixed hole for the battery box, you can actually loosen the screw and slide the box.


The main selling of the Nitro Crush Gear is this thing called IOD where the green gear will rotate along side the rear wheels and will activate the IOD~(Intermittent Operating Device. ).


this the Double Iod with 3 disc


after certain ammount of rotation of the shaft the IOD will rotate the yellow disc and activate the IOD’s Arm


the iod arm


will turn like this when activated, different disc gave different timing of the activation.




Front Weapon

Show how the IOD works.


No sticker yet, I will put them on after, battle


VS Fang Dasher




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  1. This is my first time seeing the IOD and to be honest i kind of like it better than the normal gear due to it random spinning mode and normal car mode.

    But hmmm it’s bandai (yellow) ahem* i mean gold but kinda expected since will chip off, but it really needed sticker to look nice 😀 But his design is awesome and i think i like his King Kazier form more than Mach Victory

    • yeah IOD is quite awesome 😀 I get attracted to them when seeing battle on youtube.
      King kaizer is very cool but it’s very pricey ^^
      Gold coated crush gear you mean ?, of course there is silver/gold of them and many other crush gear either clear color or coated bling thing… the usual “limited edition”, not something for battle of course … coated one will scratch easily, clear plastic will easy to crack like gunpla ahahaha.

      • I mean the box art XD, but man does the coated crush gear look awesome.

        Well it’s true, I have a coated Garuda Eagle but most of the coated part has chipped maybe due to the weather and how i store it, but hey it was like so many year’s ago, the time where getting something = playing with it 😀

        • I see ^^, yeah the color don’t looks like the boxart..
          Yeah The coating will fade over time,and I saw video, that you can actually remove them with coke~

          • Well coke can be used to clean toilet :P, Well this is only useful for people who want to repaint the model 😀 but then again if you want to do that, its better to get the normal version.

  2. Nice my brother Arya

    • Thanks bro, I will posted the, Storm Rider which I bought from you next month ^^

  3. Can I buy this stuff?

    • Sorry, I already sold this one Last year ^^

  4. Hi,want to ask you,is there still selling crush gear in japan? And where can find it? Thanks

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