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Haven’t touch them for like 2 years ^^ but this one of my precious collections

So here what I got so far

-TH 6 : Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

-TH 7 : Perfect Cherry Blossom

-TH 7.5 : Immaterial and Missing Power

-TH 10.5 : Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

-TH 12.5 : Hishoutensoku

-TH 13 : Ten Desires

Music :

-Immaterial and Missing Power OST

-Touhou Hisoutensoku OST

about the contents well everyone can get them easily , people uploading these game all the time ^^ I do Downloading Touhou games as well ahahaha ^^

But of course there is satisfaction owning the real thing


anyway These 4 still sealed ^^ so I will shown the others so yeah most of them will be the Tasogare Frontier spin-off/Collaboration.


Perfect cherry Blossom

after installing this I need to swicth my PC to Japanese system for it to be playable, unlike the one that usually uploaded which already cracked or so I believe.


This the OST of Immaterial and Missing Power it contains 2 CDs the Day disc and Night disc


Soundtrack is the first one to open so i can copy the BGMs to my PC 😀


like many music CDs there is small book with contents of the CDs words from the creators/composer,etc


Hisoutensoku OST,

goddess of Moriya shrine


instead of book you get these alongside the cover


like music book they got these on the back


Hisoutensoku well rather looks like a Mazinger Z


Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

I did install this to my PC and Unlike ZUN’s the tasofro one don’t need switch system to japannese ^^ I am not sure with newer game thought as I only tried install the Perfect cherry Blossom for my PC.


You get small book of instruction of the game



and combo for the characters


except the 2 unlockable characters that’s it


I should buy more sometimes, but these what all I got right now.

If you ask where I got these, I ordered them Twice from Mandarake, but buying from toranoana  is the best shot if you want to complete them you need proxy buying of course they don’t do international shipping.

I heard the first 5 of  PC-98’s touhou game cost like hundred Thousand yen right now….



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  1. I don’t want to sound mean, but the popularity of this sidescroller was always a mistery to me. Sure the character design is beautiful, but would they not better used in a RPG? Is there a storyline with cut scenes,actually?
    Is Scarlet Weather Rhapsody a beat em up game, I saw a little video?

    • Well indeed that’s a mystery ^^, basically all the official games that Zun made are all side scrolling one, I doubt it will ever change as long as He still do everything alone, some quite unique of course, and these game franchise survive from 1996~(most always questioned why Zun don’t follow type moon footstep and turn Team Shanghai Alice as a proper Game Company).
      Live as doujinshi touhou seems to give freedom on circles out there are a lot of fan made touhou games from RPG,Castlevania style,super mario, and even last time I tried the first person shooter one.
      About the storyline yes every single Boss fight (before and after battle) they will talk each other describing the story.
      SWR ,is rather a fighter games one on one duel, Like street fighter with spells also being used 😀 , Touhou start popular worldwide when Tasofro made these fighter games…

      I also first start hooked up when play the SWR one ahahaha as you can see 5 out from 8 cds are the fighter game related ^^

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