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I Try plying this lately, it seems some also called it Shiro collection ?

You can say, it sort of spin-off to Kancolle, it’s also DMM‘s browser game with very similar concept just with different Battle gameplay.

I play Kancolle as well and not much playing it lately, I am at Lv 45 HQ and not quite successful on it, no good rare ships and stuck on certain level ^^ but I feel this game more attractive than Kancolle in term of gameplay.

Further info for play(in english) and list of them can be check on Shiro Project Wiki :


Much Kancolle you have main castle as secretary, there is exploration, Daily missions, constructions, resoruces.


You can take up to 10 girls in one team


so basically a Castle Defense Style


Repair chamber


The castles on play is limited to 6 but you can make them retreat(except the main castle) and switch with the one on benched (once retreat they can’t come back to the field for the remaining of the battle).


they classified with their weapons and Terrain, basically 4 weapons sword, spear,gun, and bow.

Usually spear is very strong, high attack power,defense and Health but unable to attack flying opponents, sword able to attack air but attack and defense power not as strong as spear, bow able to attack air and ground but lack of defense and attack power, Gun is much like bow with better attack power and defense, but I think mostly weaker in term of attacking flying opponents, and unlike sword an spear they can’t block attack. but of course this just general view of them, like there is one which throwing explosive but it’s categories as Sword.

about terrain some got power up in certain area,  like mountain type, water type that can be placed on water, plain area,etc


of course all depends on rarity of the girls, unfortunately I got no really awesome castle. mostly I use Spears and Guns


My fave is this Fukuoka and odawara(that I still dreaming to get).

what quite nice is, Each Girl have their own casual clothes in secretary mode 😀

as technically they Henshin into giants castle girl lol



after a while their “power”  gauge will be charged and able to perform abillity or maybe you rather call finisher attack lol, like self healling, one hit kill, attacking multiple enemies at once, greater attack radius,etc.


what make the remodel is more interesting than Kancolle is sometimes they will turn absolutely different from their basic form like this Otakasayama


as you can see she’s a loli looking girls with spear LOL


She will turn into gun user and with more mature looks.

*with lower stat unfortunately until her next remodel

The Next one that I really want to remodel is Nabebuta-Otome and maybe Baba


I think i will get bored quite fast 😛 so I made this post 😀

*I take these screen shots randomly from time to time so their date, level and time are not arranged properly




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  1. So it has no lottery registration? still a vpn is needed hmmm.

    Looks like a nice clone with nice design and a less historical problematic time as setting, I got really sad when reading what happened to some Kancolle characters (the real ships) but in the end I prefer the ocean 😀

    It somehow looks more like a jrpg, can you take influence in battles or is it automatic event?.

    Oh the girl in shiropro10 ♡

    • Yes no lottery for this 😀 (for now at least) , Yeah VPN but, the english wiki give detail for cookies trick that works very well. the girls seems to be named after real castle in the past which maybe also have bad history.

      We can put the girl everywhere we want or retreat them, we can also activate their skill once the gauge is full. but the attack and enemy army coming automatically,so basically we did more strategy than kancolle, and i forgot to mention even when the girl destroyed they not disappear, you can just repair them, and if you lost or retreat from the battle, they got chance to get kidnapped when running away and you must pay ransom for them within 24 hours with resources.
      shiropro10 I see, the bunny looking girl you mean 😀

      • Haha I love the ransom idea.

        Oh my … Shikano is the hottest castle ever XD
        I will try it, I think

        • Yeah I like that idea too, but make me think, Who knows what happen during their kidnapping 😛
          Shikano quite strong and as decoy when retreating, she rarely get kidnapped XD , It worth a try after all.

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