BIMA X Weapon Collection

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Bima X Weapon collection .

Bima X is 2nd Season of Bima, Now He got upgraded forms and 4 different weapon  in each forms, and these are weapons toy.

Compared to Kamen rider maybe you can compare it with Wizard and Kuuga .

Further info about Bima’s merchandise can be find in Bandai-Asia webpage


In the show the weapon is Helios, a some sort of bird which can be summoned anytime and it transform into weapon(sword,bow,axe and scissors.) depending the form of Bima-X using the Flame Mode, Hurricane, Earth and Magnetic.


blind packaging, but there’s always a way to spot them, like these in the white part of the packaging info is kinda transparent, you can see them from there with a little squeeze.

red and gold, this must be the Flame Sword


as expected the Flame Mode Helios


Hmm let’s call it “Bird mode”.


The transformation.

The only issues with these toys are they got no instruction of how to transforming them, it doesn’t matter for me, but maybe young kids will have a little confusion.


The Helios Flame Mode


the second one is the Earth Mode of helios.


the weapon form is Axe


This very small even for kids.


Comparison with the Action Pose Bima.


Still too small for my dolls but they kinda okay 😀





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  1. Hmm it don’t look bad on your Dolls, maybe this is a hidden function 😛
    The Flame sword kinda look like a Feather Pen to me(Abarekiller from Abaranger) maybe because of the Bird head.

    But kinda of unique way of packaging since normally this mini role play toys are in boxes.

    Lastly …….. Merry Xmas ~~~~~ Sorry I am a bit late!

    • Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 😀
      what hidden function lol ? I hope can get them gashapon or Candy Toy of break gunner next year 😛 I do still look for a Sengoku driver thought ^^
      ahaha yeah abarekiller have bird head on the sword handle 😀
      for trading figure/toys stuff i still prefer this packaging it’s easier to spot 😀 and since this for local distribution, maybe if this toys ever hit Japan market they will make box packaging ver. as I heard they will aired over there too after they dub them in Japanese maybe the merchandise will be sold over there.

      • ~~~Happy New Year ~~~ 😀
        Hidden function is that it is made for your dolls to hold 😛
        Hmm breaker gunner have quite a unique design 😛 but I wonder how he will evolve to be a normal rider 😛 Hmm Sengoku driver is nice but the add on, the add on Q_Q
        Hmm never actually heard or seen Bima until you post this, but I guess it could be a hit in Japan.

        • Happy New Year 😀
          Chaser looks better that way 😛 a bit scary a good fit for anti-hero/villain.
          what attachment you mean ? the genesis core ?

          Melon energy~!

          Nothing better than a rider belt 😛

          Many country make their own superhero show ^^ I Heard apart from this Bima ishinomori production also collaborate with some Thailand and Philippines tv production and make their own original Toku show, instead adaptation like Saban did in US.

          • All the different lock seed, especially gaim with kachidoki 😛

            😛 female Zangetsu.

            I actually can see them doing that because I remember forgot it’s Philippines/ Thailand but their toku cosplayer look so spot on that I though it was from the show itself.

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