Crush Gear : Storm Rider

January 10, 2015 at 6:38 am | Posted in CrushGear | 8 Comments
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So here another Crush Gear : Storm Rider

Like Fang Dasher this from Work Staff Original Series, I believe also appear in the Nitro anime series in minor roles.


The parts and it got Hi-Dash motor as default


VT chassis


The front weapon are combination of 2 weapons blade and let’s say drill (or rather spinning claw)


So can be combined like this


or like this


The transmission.. too much gears


So i decide use this configuration


the rear weapon is turbine/booster looking.


of course it’s just spinning. or you think this will really boost the crush gear speed lol


the body parts





Okay, enough Crush Gear for the time being.



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  1. thats more assembly work than I anticipated, its a cool toy actually.
    The video illustrates it nicely, they look quite angry XD
    Oh the small one wins… maybe it’s more efficient?

    • Yeah pretty cool toy 😀
      well just luck I think, have more power and it might jump out of the arena easier.

  2. this is my crush gear custom with gearbooster and some optional part
    just want to share 🙂

    • They looks good, should be competitive for tournament 🙂

      • yes… i always sparing like a mini tournament with cg community member in every week.

        • I saw jager logo on the arena XD I am sure you Did a lot of tournament there

  3. Hey. Are these crush gears still on your garage? 😂 if so, maybe you can sell them to me 😂😂

    • I already sold 2 (Phoenix and King schwarz) and most likely will keep the rest ^^

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