Ichiban Kuji-Snk- Kuji dakkan sakusen

January 24, 2015 at 6:33 am | Posted in Gashapon/Trading Figures/Candy Toy/Ichiban kuji | 2 Comments
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Visit a Hobby store last month and seeing they run this Ichiban Kuji thing, Tried twice and got these F prize and H prize


back then they still have most of the Big prize except the Levi figure, I do really interested with the D prize (it’s a printed manga page with signature and little drawing from Hajime isayama).

*I am not sure the sign is also printed or real but it’s still a nice one 😀

anyway last time I ask my friend try me a Puella magi madoka Ichiban kuji during AFA.


only got this Madoka poster lol


Now this SNK kuji.


First the F prize is this some sort of small towel


a hand towel to be exact,So you put it on the holder and hang it.


The H prize is Trading Figures.


5 Possibilities


it seems a figure + action diorama, and a stand which can be combined




so it’s Eren Climbing on Titan’s arm









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  1. congratulations ;D
    You got this from a machine or crane Game?
    Somehow I really like the towel

    • Sort of lucky draw, you pick a random piece of paper then rip it and will written inside ,the prize that you will get, reminds me of that scratch and win stuff lol, but you will get something for sure even if it’s the cheapest prize.
      It a nice looking one but towel is not really a high quality one, the fabric quite thin, so yeah more towards for a collection than actual hand towel.

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