Gashapon narikiri Kamen Rider Drive 2

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Looks a new set role play Gashapon  😀 the volume 2 of the Gashapon Narikiri series/仮面ライダードライブ なりきり仮面ライダードライブ3

I Do hope they fit well on Hachi and Vee

There are 8 possibilities in this volume and I decide to order the whole set


Break Gunner


Nice 😀


and yeah you can pull the barrel


and the smaller gacha holds the shift car and viral cores


the shift car type technic and the type wild


The viral cores are the Bat viral cores of the chaser ver and the regular ver used by roidmudes


they reminds me of the batmobiles used by batman ahaha 😀


Except the break gunner no henshin belt/device in this set but you got Drive’s weapons and Shift cars Holder.


The shift cars holder, Steering sword and Door Gun.


A little bit disappointing that they don’t actually have the gimmick to attach the shift cars …


while the Break gunner able to hold the cars


They fit quite Nicely 😀


While this Break gunner is the one I want the most from the whole set and able to hold the cars, it don’t exactly fit the hand of my dollfie like the door gun… I just use blutac for now maybe it will fit Vee’s hand better or a modification will do, once I can get my equipment, but Currently, I am hundreds kilos from home for apprenticeship, won’t be home for couple months, I only Bring Hachi with me, so yeah no tools for modification and Vee can’t enjoy these toys ^^


Bang Bang Bang




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  1. I like how the Narikiri Gashapon looks on your doll. Maybe before long, she’ll have her own Rider suit and be doing Rider Kick!? 😀

    • thank you ^^, ahaha, yeah once I think about asking someone to make Rider’s Armor in smaller size LOL … but I think I prefer outfit in their human form before transform ahaha 😀 in this case maybe a policewoman outfit 😀

  2. Oh, I’ve never seen this before
    The door gun looks really funny and it is cool that it fits 1/3 dolls.
    the other one is probably for men, or it’s just another hand you need.

    • Well since they not mean for doll, I am quite happy ^^ , the grip is too fat, so hope trim it, will make it fit XD

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