Digimon Xros wars Shoutmon and Starmons set

March 21, 2015 at 6:15 am | Posted in Digimon | 5 Comments
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Shoutmon1 Shoutmon and Starmons Set, got this from sale XD as you can see from the packaging it’s the Bandai Asia/HK released ver. (the Japanese release was in 2010 and this was released in 2012). Shoutmon2 The main differences with the Japanese release is instead the Digimemory you get a Trading card for scan in the arcade game. Shoutmon3   Shoutmon4 smaller than I expect but since I paid for discounted price of $7/8 I won’t complain Shoutmon5 Shoutmon6 The back shown the main gimmick of him (for fusion/combination) Shoutmon7 Starsword Shoutmon8 The mouth can open Shoutmon9 Also got Ballistamon for next 😀 , Can’t find Dorurumon/Dorulumon yet might need to look from auction or somewhere else, that might cost me more than these 2 combined price >_<



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  1. I’m not familiar with it, but it looks cute ;D
    Ballistamon looks a bit more badass

    • I don’t exactly watch the anime too ^^ , they will be more badass once combined 😀

      • Ahh I was tempted to get this when it was on sales, but the fact that I need to get 3 other to get X4 was sad. In the end I only got Dark Knightmon which look’s really good as a standalone figure and fun to mess a round with.

        I didn’t know shoutmon has a white tongue 😛 and look kind of cute with that proportion.

        • Sorry I tag this comment as a Reply Instead of a comment -_-

  2. True and I still missing the dorulumon for X3/X4 combination. For standalone maybe I prefer the purple greymon XD.
    The white parts inside is the hidden head for X3/X4 all you need to do is put the “helmet” from back of the mic.
    Ahaha that’s fine.

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