Queen’s Gate Alice Designer’s Color ver.(NSFW)

April 18, 2015 at 6:03 am | Posted in PVC Statue/Scaled Figures | 4 Comments
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Queen’s Gate Alice Designer’s Color by AlphaxOmega

got this from mandarake for 6k yen ^^ The original Alice was the first Scaled figure, I ever want which I saw inside a store shelf 6 or 7 years ago.

I also find some other alice with affordable price like the original and the 2012 limited re-release with different base stand also the more expensive limited ver.(one with gold thigh high socks).

But In the end I buying the designer’s color ver ahaha somehow, I kinda like the Black Hair.


Haven’t bought any scaled figure since the bathtime sonico so, it’s already over 2 years . (and thinking about it, I am sure I spend the usual budget for purchase scaled figures for doll clothes instead ^^;).


Better than I expect, This would be a nice start 😀


apparently Alice can transform into Adult ver which also made into figure


Loli ass~





let’s flip the guns so the Blades will pointing out instead



removing the clothes kinda harder than I expect at least I didn’t break anything ahaha







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  1. I wish I would have the willpower for just one figure within 2 years XD
    Well, that would never happen. Alice price sunk already, before I saw her selling for 13.000.

    I love this figure and character design, compared to the battle book she is less “moe” still it’s a beautiful high quality feel figure. I had no problems with castoff, but putting the guns in the hands was scary.

    The version of yours has also a distinctive look, the panties appear transparent ;P
    I think she would also look great with red hair. Anyway I rather would have a completely new Alice figure with new pose and cuter face, Wing is working on something.

    • ahaha yeah ^^ but since I manage to bought Hachi last year that’s a fair patience, putting the gun quite scary, I even pop up her thumb when remove the gun lol … at least glue them back is possible without noticeable damage XD, yeah back then she quite expensive, anyway now 13k yen is like price of most scaled figure thought XD
      ahah transparent 😉 from my camera flash :P,they made the pink/red ver of the boost ver(http://myfigurecollection.net/item/5759) but surprisingly I haven’t see the loli one.
      I do look forward how the wing’s will looks 😀

      • Ok, thats a point ^^
        Whaaaaaaaat? that happened oh no ;(

        haha yes 13000 is pretty common these days, thecompanies probably assume all collectors are filthy rich XD

        Me too

        • The “current price” make me thinking to actually stop buying scaled figures for real instead of temporary hiatus…. but we will see what will happen XD

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