Joint Stuck + Fixing

May 9, 2015 at 1:20 pm | Posted in DollfieDream, Repair/Tutorial/Custom | 4 Comments
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Contains Doll Nudity 😛 DSC09581 I am home now, for a break from the apprenticeship, and just 2 hours at Home, I break Vee’s Internal Frame -_- (DD saber alter), dress her up on new clothes, make some pose and somehow …. DSC09582 The shoulder joint stuck and can’t rotate at all, when I force it to move, I break the internal frame… not wanting the shoulder to break or crack , I rather saw the this parts to loosen it up -_- DSC09583 Will somehow reinforce this part later, but it’s fine this way, I just hope not break anytime soon… buying new internal frame cost around 2000 yen but it’s rarely in stock 😦 , if i break any of the arms it will be much harder to fix and the new one will cost like 7000 yen(need to buy entire pair of new arms). DSC09584 so I think the best way to fix it with using longer screw + superglue DSC09590 The Shorter one is the original screw DSC09592 some accident with the super glue but it’s doing fine DSC09593 DSC09595 Notice the differences ? DSC09596 And all done DSC09597 the right shoulder a little bit loose now ^^ *hachi lower half is in stain removal treatment DSC09598



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  1. Oh no, what a sad day, but you could fix it. Your saw is cool ^^
    I once saw a Dollfie with broken spine in two pieces 😦

    Is Hachiko clean again, have you used the Volks cleaing product?

    • yeah what a bad day XD, Thank you, just a cheap saw lol,Glad still keep all my plastic modelling equipment ^^,it seems broken frame is common breaking, I seen many 3rd party metal parts/frame(or just simply reinforcement parts) for sale to replace/fix them XD,and those frame rarely in stock in volks website ….

      Unortunately NO, and yes I tried the volks’ dream rescue, but I don’t know how exactly to say about my experience, because some say the “Dream Resuce” Cream works and some say it don’t(and I think, I heard it might damage the vinyl), I tried it couple times it works(on fresh light stains) and sometimes not, I just check this morning(after 2 days) and I feel the vinyl kind of rough when I touch it (on the section which I use the cream on) maybe I left the cream too long there and the stain still there…. I think I will let the stains without further try on removal, too prove the theory that the stains might fade slowly and eventually dissapear after months or years XD

      • It seems that your fix works, will you still try to get a real spare part?

        So Dream Rescue is just nasty acid XD
        Then I rather try something else, thx for letting me know.
        Haha who knows, it might work.

        • I will still get the parts,… once it’s in stock 😥
          ahaha some say it’s magically works thought XD , well it actually happen on vee’s light stains(from late 2012) and I don’t even try to remove it just(tried only water + sponge back then as volks white skin vinyl have chance to turn into green.. got it a little bit green on vee’s foot after tried the oxy things), but last year when I browse through old pictures folder and remember about it, I check those stains and it’s just disappear LOL

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