Digimon Xros wars Ballistamon

June 6, 2015 at 6:16 am | Posted in Digimon | 4 Comments
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Ballistamon, like I mention on Shoutmon this the HK/Asia release


Not much inside, just the card and the figure

*in Japan release, you will got a digimemory



Shoutmon looks so tiny compared to him


The arms can Extend


You can dismantle ballistamon to put the Shoutmon inside


Shoutmon will act as pilot 😄


Here Shoutmon X2


Still waiting for Dorulumon/Dorurumon but yeah once I receive him, I can make perfect X3/X4



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  1. cool figure but i’m not sure i’m following any digimon series now, but I still remembering shoutmon

    • I do look forward when get my dorulumon so can combine them into perfect X4.
      I never actually follow this Xcross Digimon series, just saw some scene and by chance some episode on TV kids channel ^^

  2. this is one of those items that I never knew exist and personally for me, this wont make it into my shopping list – ever… LOL

    anyway, that is my personal taste, I’m sure younger generation love this kind of thing and at least I’m grateful to learn a little bit more about it from your post…. still this is not for me hahahahaha…

    • Not really awesome toys but they on really good discounted price and can be combined 😄 so quite fun I think
      Shoutmon X3

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