A’s toy box 5th Anniversary

June 15, 2015 at 7:19 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | 19 Comments

Or rather 5th Year of survival XD, I think this time it’s worth celebrating 😉


*seeing those different toys and figures really reminds me that I feel a bit hard to Keep up with the hobby itself without getting bored XD, the only way I find Very Fun is when I change my purchase and find new experience on totally different merchandise, that finally become the theme of this blog, but still I like them all ahaha otherwise I won’t bought any of them :D.

First I want to Thanks to all readers and Commenters for all the support you gave me all these years 😀 so many to name but Thank You : Fabian, David John,Rubyvijudai,Shizen22,hikarunu,Darkandchoco,Divinelight,Duqs, Chubbybots,Persocom,marzz,bd77,C.Jin,softz,Q,Tom,h4mster,Zhe,RIP666, Multiseven,evolution,feal87,zoidiect, and many which I might missed and forgot since most of you no longer active,retired or just simply moving to another media, but That’s life and I hope you guys do well out there 😀

also many thanks to Friends which indirectly also help me for this blog, either from forums or facebook, mostly which help me purchase some of the merchandise or just simply sell them to me XD.

Personally I Never expect A’s Toy Box to survive this long, considering, I do run it in amateur way.

Since The beginning, I want this blog as my Toys diary of Toys Adventures with amateur review and experience instead of fill it with my purchases or news which I probably hyped for and As you can see my interest are constantly changing from time to time XD I do really apologize is my blog contents is not like what it used to be ^^;

maybe some will expect after years, I will make more effort in taking pictures, Processing them and writing more, but I just don’t feel it will suit me,since If I put much effort I might already stop when lost the motivation to do it and I wish too keep it  in this way a little longer. *But I do my best when replying your comments


I was thinking to end this blog couple times before but that’s never actually happen XD Despite being in slumber couple times,maybe once I quit collecting A’s Toy box will end for real, Right now I can only tell next post would be Dollfie clothes LOL

No promise but As I said as long I keep collecting, A’s Toy Box will continue 😀

Don’t be stingy to yourself!! I always think like that, but lately I feel the collectible Figures price are so ridiculous, I put limit of how much I comfortable to pay, like: 8-10k yen for a scaled figure(I mainly buy 1/8 scale), 4k yen for stuff in figma/nendo/Figuarts size, 12k yen for full set of doll clothes,etc of course there are some exception for exclusive or limited stuff, but their current “common price” are make me hold back buying,and decide only buy if I really really want them ..and for the past 2.5 years I already stop pre-ordering since my interest of collecting slowly fading.. but Somehow the past 2 years gave me feel to look back and search on popular toys, when I was Kid, or maybe even newer version/remake of old toys, and some stuff that back then, I can’t get.., so yeah those might be answers why  A’s Toy Box contents turn cheap and cheaper XD ,Personally I rather save the money and buy something much more expensive Later which I feel worth the price I paid for…..

I also want to rant about how current and newer series make me slowly lost interest to follow, mainly Anime but this blog never mean to be Anime Blog so I will skip this part XD I am not Otaku and not claiming to be one,in the end I prefer known as simply Toy Collector 😀

Once again thank your for your support 😀




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  1. Hey we are both fifth years ^^
    I like to see you introducing new toys, I would never see otherwise.
    I also like your Dollfie girls ;D

    I also thank you for staying a reliable commenter, when others said silently good buy. The decreasing trend hit me full frontal, but when I considered to go offline I noticed that my motivation isn’t only based on feedback.

    Figures are really expensive nowadays and many nice figures also come out in same months. I rather like to focus on Mirai and improve my Doll photography.

    hope to see you around in the future.

    • Glad to see you back from vacation I mean Honeymoon XD
      not sure which I should introduce next ahaha somehow since I stop pre-ordering, even if interested at first and think buy once it’s in stock or after market, once it’s released I am not much want it anymore… The dollfies really fun just seeing them make me smile, also quite happy that everyone who saw them said it must be expensive and don’t look down at it, unlike a robot, action figure or toy car that everyone outside the hobby will say “cheap toys.., useless crap or whatever” , thought I afraid to myself, if someday I start to treat them as lover …. @_@ LOL just kidding, maybe I will hold back save my money and buy a 3rd doll instead a loli or a busty one XD (and most likely later I will say damn any of those can’t share clothes with hachi and vee ORZ).
      I already deal with the fact that blog no longer popular like what it used to be,my only motivation since 2013 was juts to keep this Toy Journal alive till I quit collecting.
      actually I do hope you have another doll soon 😛 mirai must be tired being mr.cameraman only model XD .
      Hope to see you around too 😀 .

  2. Happy Anniversary! As one of the few blogs I actively follow, you’re one of my inspirations for not completely ditching my blog despite its very sporadic updates. It’s always interesting to see what different stuff you get into.

    • Thank You 😀 , Become inspiration for someone didn’t expect that coming XD , I glad the random contents quite interesting for you 😀

  3. Congrats! Nice job 🙂

    • Thank you Pal 😀

  4. great congrats for your five years survival bro,, hope we all can still go on with ours too

    • Thank You XD , I always hope for that 😉

  5. It’s been a very long time for reaching 5 years
    There are so many bloggers vanished along the way (I guess it includes me as well)


  6. (this is divinelight anyway)
    Congratulations for reaching 5 years.
    It’s very long time and many bloggers end up retired (and hiatus like me lol)

    • Thank You 😀 ,glad to see you again XD
      once you bored with the hobby itself I think it’s time to retire,If i put specific theme for this blog contents I might vanished long time ago ahaha,and Social media seems more interesting for interaction these days so I barely see new blogger appear …

  7. Hello it’s been a long time.

    Happy 5th Anniversary, it’s been a pleasure talking to you and I pretty sure for blogging your the one I interacted the most :P, even though right now I am more or less dead on the blog.

    But it’s nice to see that you are still continuing your blog even until now XD

    Looking forward to see this blog advance 😀

    • Yeah been a while ^^ , Thank You 😀
      Really? what this amateur blog attracting you with lol ?, I am quite happy, still see you around like this commenting on my post sometimes XD . of course I am not as active like what I used to be so I can’t make any promise about this blog future ahahaha 😀 see you soon 😉

      • I think it’s because I am more open to talk to you 😛 since we had talked quite a bit last time 😀

        • I see ^^

  8. I was very busy with study and works last year and this year I tried my best to my blog alive. I think there is no need for you to close or end the blog, the service is free anyway, so just let it roll there forever and ever or as long as possible. Same as my blog, I’ve been silence for quite a long time but I never really want to end or close it, just leave it there and update once a while if and when we are free to do so.

    Anyway, congratulations for the fifth year survival… mmm, is there any chances that any of the toys in that picture is from me? LOL LOL LOL

    you have 2 Dolfie there, that is so “wow”… I always dream to have one “someday” but it remained as a dream still for now… hopefully someday I can get one…

    • Welcome back David John XD, Well right now I can’t active like what I used to be but yeah I will try keep this blog alive XD good luck for you 🙂
      ahaha no unfortunately, I put fang joker and kos-mos inside the shelf and the tomica car on top of the detolf XD
      yeah got another one last year, Hope your dream come true 😀

  9. Hi there!

    Cheers to your 5th year! I hope to make mine last as long.

    I like your site btw, still reading some of the stuff on it.


    • Thank you Joe XD

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