Designers Collection : Charming Peridot

June 20, 2015 at 6:38 am | Posted in Doll Clothes and Accessories | 8 Comments
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CPeridot1 Volks Designers Colelction the Doll clothes from Dollpa 31 I didn’t manage to get this clothes back then(during the after event and seems quite expensive on auction but couple months go, seeing this on jungle, for 7500 yen and seems in my budget for new doll clothes) CPeridot2 Hat, Brooch, Vest, Shirt, Wrap Skirt, Pants,and Socks. as usual for non character clothes the shoes … sold separately … CPeridot3 well looks saggy isn’t it ? well since this a SD clothes which larger than DD I guess that’s a normal size even if they mark them as compatible on the package … CPeridot4 the vest CPeridot8 can’t exactly make a good knot,  but the back part of the vest are elastic so it fit larger body on resin dolls, but I believe, it won’t fit larger bust since the vest made from sort of leather so bust section not stretchy CPeridot5 wrap skirt CPeridot9 back look of the skirt CPeridot6 pants CPeridot7 Butterfly brooch CPeridot10 socks CPeridot11 pants and shirt CPeridot13 CPeridot12 I really like this clothes very cool, let’s say ? give a bit of masculine looks while still feminime ? CPeridot15 my biggest mistake when put this clothes on, I pull the sock so tight and somehow make the belt on the socks touch the skin after couple days it leave stain marks 😦 the other parts seems to be stain free only maybe need to carefully putting the hat otherwise it might damaged the wig CPeridot14 So hachi despite stained your thight, is this better than pink idol dress which I planned to bought earlier ? XD Charming Peridot On Vee



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  1. The clothes reminds me of Rozen Maiden. The design is reminiscent of Souseiseki’s costume but in Suiseiseki’s colors. It definitely looks nice on Hachi

    • So this looks like a gardener outfit ^^ ? well the only think I can see ‘souseiseki’ about this clothes is the short ahaha XD . Thank you XD

  2. May I say that Hachi is quite the babe, how she’s sitting there down with the twintails is enchanting (。’▽’。)♡. They should have used her as package model.

    I like this dress a lot, it’s an elaborate design with many parts to admire.
    On DD it has a different atmosphere than on the less cute SD from the cover.

    I guess shapely M bust would fit with slightly opened zipper…

    • Thank You XD , actually volks did put promotional images of ‘youmu’ with this clothes in their DD’s blog , which really tempt me a lot to get this clothes since last year *and now I remember where I found that sitting pose LOL.
      you are right, thought I am not sure how exactly to describe the atmosphere which this outfit gave ahaha 😀
      I guess Shapely L bust you mean .. , you are right I am sure the shapely one will fit if you open the zipper a little bit

      • Oh cool, but it’s definetely a twintail outfit ;D
        I also copy most poses, even though I slowly start to get better at posing.
        Oh my bad, haha there is no pressed together M bust, for whatever reason. Too bad Mirai has no such “cleavage” parts at all.

        • Very happy the twintails really fit her 😀
          You seems more used to taking pictures of scaled figure, but I really love your sexy posing on mirai.
          I am always bad at posing, because I am more used posing robot and mecha, but my dolls mostly just stand inside their detolf XD .
          Bust parts with cleavage I always want to buy one, but I got no outfit which showing cleavage…
          for smartdoll, I am sure they will make one soon once they release a pricey outfit which showing one Just kidding XD

          • It makes me happy, too ^^

            Haha I was always bad with figma or Nendoroid.
            Ah nice, I’m happy to hear that, I have fun with portraying her playful sexy.
            Her cuteness sometimes gets in the way when I want to create something seductive. Next Post will feature her in a different way, though.

            Posing is something that improves with practise, I have a few sheets of paper with Dollfie and figure pictures I use as reference. Sometimes it’s funny when Mirai can’t do certain poses ;p

            Yeah it’s nice for certain pictures , oh ok. Well, third party clothes are often more revealing than volks clothes and often cheaper.

            XD Well, it’s true smartdoll stuff is always a bit expensive.

            • Hmm except a pair of socks I haven’t bought any of 3rd party clothes … mainly because the one I want are really expensive … and I haven’t bought the casual everyday wear which cheaper and common for doll… maybe because I am not really interested in them.
              for seductive looks and sexy clothes, The one I really want are bondage set LOL, but My Mom seems to like my dolls at a point she even check once a while and ask whether I bought new clothes for them, can’t exactly Show that to her LOL … lingerie and sexy dress should be fine thought XD

              Smart doll spare parts don’t looks really expensive but the official clothes are XD

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