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July 4, 2015 at 6:52 am | Posted in Happy Meal/Kids Meal | 8 Comments
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I Didn’t manage to get any from  Happy meal of Despicable Me 2, that was released around 2 years ago, they sold like crazy during that time …  and now that the spin-off minions are on Theater and McDonald also released these Minions Toys , another chance to get them 😀


There are 10 Minions on this Line Up (picture are screen shot from http://www.mcdonalds.co.id/)

and by the way this the South east Asia release so like usual Happy Meal Toys, another Regions might have different kind Set of minions toys, as I check on the happymeal site the North American releases are different from this.


Minion vampire, Lava shooting Dave and Marching minion soldier


First my favorite minion vampire


Push the Switch and he will raise his arms and open his mouth showing the fangs XD


Lava shooting Kevin have a led


Turn on the switch and pull the trigger and there is light or it means to be Lava LOLMinions7

and the Marching Minion Soldier, my copy have a little paint defect on the Right eye.


Pus the button on hair and the eyes will looks to another way and arms will move


Don’t have any brown paint so I just remove the exceed paint from the eye


Minions 😀





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  1. It’s been a while since I had a Happy Meal, the food tastes different for me now.
    The minions are funny, Vamire minion is indeed the coolest XD
    They have funny extra functions, the children appear more demanding nowadays.

    • Well some said they reduce the fast food calories these days,so that might be true if you feel it taste different….
      they really funny ahahaha 😀
      You are right, they need more function to be more attractive to nowadays kids XD

  2. the figures are the same in my country, me also have the vampire, chatting, and groovy,, really want egyptian hula but out of stock here

    • We are from the same country pal XD at least they not sold out as fast as the previous minions 😉

      • LOL I thought you’re from neighbour’s country bro,, I missed it and recently read from the about page

        • Actually The most important thing is, you call me bro now XD

  3. I have 2 out of 3 that you have there – minus the vampire/dracula. I think the recent Minion toys from McD is quite fun, at least this put a break from the usual McD Hello Kitty toys – though I actually have some of them LOL LOL LOL…

    • Yeah they quite fun XD ,I have 9 and “steal” one from my nephew so I have complete set LOL.
      I also got one of the hello kitty, when I already ordered happy meal and didn’t know they already run out of boy’s toy ahaha

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