Weiss Schwarz kancolle 2nd Fleet Boosters

July 17, 2015 at 2:10 pm | Posted in Trading Cards | 10 Comments
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Kancolle very popular, I also play the game a little bit, but the only kancolle merchandise I own were this cards and a H-Doujinshi XD .

I bought 4 Boosters in total., Personally Don’t Know how to Play Weiss Schwarz cards, but I do collect Trading card for it’s pictures.

Not sure where to find the Catalog for the possible cards, I think this tgcjapan single cards listing looks good for references for possible cards inside.


Poi~ and look Ryuujou Kai 2,ooyodo, and I Think Ikazuchi have nice picture


Nothing I really like from this pack LOL but unryuu and tokitsukaze not bad

it reminds me that yayoi was my first rare ship in the game


looks Zekamashi XD and Musashi , thought I like Ryuuhou the most from this pack


Another Natori ORZ, Nice Hibiki, Nagato, Amatsukaze, Jintsuu kai 2 and the last card with picture of chitose and chiyoda looks great.


I think I will Trade the cards with doubles


these 4 are the one with those shinny starfoils not sure what rarity they called it in WS I think super rare ?


Not sure if any of you see these as good thing or not, My only disappointment is that most arts used on the cards are from the game or in a way we can say “screenshots” from the game LOL, but still not really a big deal XD , online game don’t last forever , one day they might shut it down and I still have these cards as memento.. and I guess, I am Not lucky enough to get any cards with signature, and not lucky enough to get most of my favorite ships.

I heard bushiroad also start making Touken ranbu cards maybe let’t try that next ahahaha




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  1. Ah cute cards again, Jintsuu is so pretty, still haven’t reached this level.
    The wide cards look great, Musashi and the busty CVL sisters ;D
    Chiyoda has an super sexy damage art, at the first time I saw it, I literally fell of the chair lol

    • Jintsuu easily overlooked before she receive kai2 XD ,busty CVL sisters ahaha ;D I remember the one with smoke all over her body XD, or you mean damage in her Kai2 form where she hold her breast XD..

      • I have the other Sendai sisters levled up.
        Oh where is holding her proud bust, so good ♡^▽^♡

        • my jintsuu very low level, 20 I think, the others sendai class in their 30s also haven’t use them in months XD, well I play casually(sortie like once or twice a day LOL) not many of them reach 60s XD, ahaha I see the holding breast one XD, I stop using chiyoda shen she reach lv42, time to level her up her again in the future XD

          • Jintsuu is lvl 37, Naka chan is lv 54, Sendai is lv 64. I play pvp and combine my hunt for RJ with leveling up ships I like.

            • Now is holiday I can play more XD, and once this apprenticeship done next month I can play much more at home XD

              • Oh sounds good ^^
                I like the new summer changes in Kancolle, Tenryuu ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

                • Yeah, tenryuu totally HOT, really unexpected of what hidden behind the suit XD

  2. I want to get into WS, but barely anyone plays it.

    But yeah, I agree that the cards would have been a lot nicer if they used custom art like lkazuchi and Hibiki’s cards.

    • same problem here ahaha..
      I am not the only one see those pictures screen capture from the game XD, seems they limit themselves to official pictures from the game for character cards

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