B-Daman Force=Dragren

August 8, 2015 at 6:05 am | Posted in B-Daman | 2 Comments
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Force=Dragren , the red dragon XD in Hasbro ver it’s named Strike Dragren

It’s a Control/Precision  type B-daman means it’s more towards accuracy of the shooting


somehow I feel less parts included compared with the Dracyan


The Core, I didn’t make any video but Dragren shoot is weaker than Dracyan.

with 4 horns it’s a little bit more stable and accurate.


without stickers, and it have less parts than dracyan, no cover for the back of the head and no extra parts for help attaching the Tune parts


after applying the stickers


The horns function as Sight


and the arms parts can be separated and attached downside like this to make it more stable in shooting, I am sure it’s called “sniper mode” ?

just replace the core with the Power Type I think this a nice B-daman XD



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  1. I watched the series a little bit coz my niece basically will just watch any cartoon/anime series available in the Disney Channel (in English) but so far I still can’t like it… I guess this is really for younger kids hehehehe….

    • ahaha years back, we have this kind of b-daman toys too on TV’s show and manga, these are the newer generation I think this the 5th generation of b-daman toys

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