Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Deck

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Structure Deck : Cyber Dragon Revolution


42 cards, rulebook, game mat,tips booklet


The Ultra Rare Cards in this Deck

earlier this year they made the lastest Cyber Dragon Infinity which unfortunately still OCG exclusive


Super Rare

Drei seems the key card for Xyz summoning Cyber Dragon Nova XD










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  1. I am actually happy that Konami and now constantly making suppose for Arch-type like hero, cyber dragon etc.

    The design for the Cyber dragon is nice 😀 especially the fact that they choose to put bother like normal and dark cyber dragon art work in this deck. But dam Infinity artwork look so cool but maybe too broken for TCG or they trying to find way to milk the player XD.

    It would had been a good idea like whenever they release this type of decks the original user like Zane would have an small animated duel to showcase it(One can only dream QQ)

    • Agreed very nice, I was hesitate between this or the newest hero structure at that time ahaha XD(never like heroes but they newer release lol)and for collection these structure deck very awesome despite they not that competitive in current battle, as they just slightly upgrade of old cards. who knows when TGC of infinity will be released maybe someday will be included in a tin set or something …. and I saw cyber support card being released in this year’s TGC booster too while the OCG already released last year (eg: cybernetic fusion support)
      ahaha interesting idea XD

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