BIMA X Action Pose Collection Part 2

September 5, 2015 at 6:34 am | Posted in Gashapon/Trading Figures/Candy Toy/Ichiban kuji | 4 Comments
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The Series Finally Ended last month, not sure if the next series will be about bima or entirely new heroes, now time for me need to catch up with the new Action Pose figures.


Torga the main reason getting this XD finally all three of the satria(s)

apparently they miss-cut the belt sticker(the tiger part) so they give another one.


Got these three, the combattant


all 6 possibilities in the part 2 line up XD


Combattant Comparison with the old one.


3 Satria(s) XD


They might not great, the entire body are stickers and the legs fall apart easily, but they quite fine for me XD at least the stickers haven’t come off for now.


2 more and I will complete the set. I am still missing Torga Ice mode and Kranion.



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  1. Oh you have to apply these stickers yourself? lazy maufacturer ;p

    • ahahaha you got that right XD

  2. LOL – the word action pose is misleading becoz eventually they can’t do much apart from that standing post hahahaha

    • LOL Absolutely true ,but the fact they are the only Action figures merchandise they made, apart from the vinyl ones which of course even less articulated

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