Digimon Xros Wars Dorulumon

September 19, 2015 at 6:29 am | Posted in Digimon | 2 Comments
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and Finally, Dorulumon, Thx for my friend “pirate king”  who help me get this from a sale in Singapore XD , and now I can make the shoutmon X3/X4 Digi-Fusion


Dorulumon card, looks pretty good


woof woof



Dorulumon can transform into Dorulu Canon


with shoutmon controling it


I think dorulumon card looks the best one here




Shoutmon + Balistamon + Dorulumon = Shoutmon X3


+ Star Sword


Shoutmon X4


Comparison with 1/144 kit, Lego and Nendoroid



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  1. It’s funny/interesting that 3 cards show different art style, anime/3D/manga style even though I would think they are from the same set. But yea I also agree Dorulumon card look the nicest because of the dynamic art style. But the figure of Dorulumon look different from his anime counterpart as compared to Shoutmon and Balistamon but it’s given due to the animal look 😛

    The proportion seem off from the anime for X3 but the fun comes from the parts forming :D, additional they look nice in their individual form.

    If you have the chance you can get Skullknightmon set if you are interested and happen to see it, because that’s the only one i have from the Xros series and man am I happy with it.

    But I am hoping they will release this type of figure for the Digimon Adventure Tri 😀

    • dorulumon art remind me with Great Animal Kaiser card lol, well I never expect gimmick toys to looks like in the anime ahaha :D. well my friend did offer me a lot of digimon xcros stuff from singapore sale ^^ I only get this dorulumon and the red digimon mini, the only one i kinda want is the purple greymon ahahah not looks so good combined thought XD they also made the candy toy ver . well I also look forward for digimon tri thought I am not expect much from it

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