BOOMco Railstinger

November 14, 2015 at 6:32 am | Posted in Blaster/NERF | 2 Comments
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Mattel’s Go to blaster businesses, so I am curious this time XD , while their biggest competitor , Hasbro with their Nerf lead the blaster industry, I expect something awesome to rival that.


okay this railstinger a small blaster which can be attached to bigger blaster



They steal my interest when announced the “smart stick dart”


The main Gun


With darts loaded and another in the storage


Te dart quite cool, soft and only stick on the “Smart stick target” provided, it looks like photo paper but when try on regular photo paper it don’t stick there so yeah maybe certain brand needed.

*don’t attach tape on the surface because it will damage the texture and the dart won’t be able to stick to that spot anymore

test video :


This blaster don’t have trigger so you just pull this all the way and the dart will launch automatically

lack of accuracy this way but don’t looks as bad as i imagined, just a bit harder to pull than i expect so younger kids might have a problem shooting…


fold the grip to attach on a bigger blaster, as secondary blaster when you run out of dart


Comparison with Nerf’s Jolt and Dart.

The dart quite awesome don’t feel sticky and launch better than the foam dart, but the tip get dirty easily, so if you do a “blaster war” and plan to use the target. you can’t just randomly pick them up and shoot again, because even just a little bit dirty it won’t stick to the target well anymore, you need to wash them properly first, that’s the only problem I have seen so far.









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  1. ahaha cool fun gun ^^ The things shoot surprisingly fast ;D
    probably unfair when your friends have a bigger blaster lol

    • Ahaha I have bigger nerf blaster, but for this new competitor, I would rate this better than usual foam-dart blaster XD the dart have better accuracy and longevity

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