Hachi by Souryu

November 28, 2015 at 6:37 am | Posted in illustration by various artist | 7 Comments

Commish Hachi Re-size

Souryu’s Pixiv http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=5244458

yes this a commission XD I can’t draw that good, and someone who still use pencil and paper ahaha.

Maybe too late for Start making Mascot but yeah 😀 , The concept just simple “Please Draw My doll as Chibi 2D Character”

and the result is this Mischievous looking Hachi ahahaha 😉 , This chibi proportion using Phat’s medicchu/minicchu style if you notice.

I think the dog collar and chain still missing But I ask him ‘that’ if he decide to draw her in maid outfit or idol outfit LOL and the theme will be “Pet Idoll” LOL since that was the plan since assembling, naming and dressing the doll… but since the doll itself don’t have ‘poor girl’ expression this Mischievous looking looks perfect, Maybe will doing ‘slave idoll’ concept again for the future girl  *hint* hint*


I suppose he use this as Main references from all those pictures I show him

Hachi T-Shirt

I am thinking what merchandise I should make from this mascot LOL, a Pin or something ? so I decide to order this Custom Doll T-shirt (made by Espoir Dream), will show you next time how this will looks on a Doll XD



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  1. As Hachi fan I approve of that drawing ^o^
    It looks professional and turned out really good, it should be in the pixiv folder, I think. lol slave Idol, with pulled up eyebrows, like maso girl Mariko XD
    I dunno, maybe teasing Mariko a little is my hidden desire (*´▽`*)

    cool tshirt print, so clear and color proof, print one for your size, too.

    • Thank You XD ,He said will upload this to pixiv, but seems haven’t do it yet…. or maybe he not active there anymore LOL.

      Because I read to many idol H doujinshi Lol I never actually mention slave idol to him ahaha just ask a dog collar if he draw her in the maid/idol outfit from many photos which I show for references.

      But you said mariko was slutty teacher XD of course I wish I own mariko ahahaha

      Yeah maybe will print for size next time 😀

  2. That mascot look really nice and well drawn, really look like a anime+chibifield version of it’s original base, it even comes with a wink XD which is cute.

    Hmmm I guessing it might or might not be your new profile pic.

    • Thank you, yeah that the points 🙂 glad you think her as anime + chibified ver.
      Wink? You mean pulled up eyebrows?

      I put her around this blog as icon and in about page, but I don’t think will use as profile picture anytime soon XD

      • Ahhh I mistaken the Star hairpin as an winking effect 😛

        • ahaha that’s not pin it must be some doodles, stars usually mean a feeling of hopefulness, a looking forward or up to things, and optimism. but probably winking effect also possible

  3. […] A doll sized T-shirt from last year Hachi Art […]

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