THE銃 Part 25

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The GUN Part 25 , A long running series of Gachapon by Takara tomy.

Once again Thank to a friend for Help getting this XD and congratulation for you graduation.

Ps: The terminology used by Tomy(now takaratomy) is Gacha/Gachapon while bandai registered Gashapon named for their capsule Toys series, but in the end they are basically capsule toys XD


Parts 25 contains Shotgun and Magnum revolver



First The Magnum


Load the Bullet inside the shells.


Nice gimmick XD


Load, put the revolving chamber back and ready to shot XD

yes they actually shoot but weak it’s for gimmick purpose only you can find many videos on youtube using keyword “THE銃”

I did made one using my Anti Material riffle from older series


Shotgun XD this looks nice as the shotgun using Magazine


Same thing put the bullet inside the shells


Magazine Hold up to 3, insert it back pump and ready to shot THEGUN11

I got the Riffle years back it’s from Part 17

as usual with miniature toys Let’s demonstrate how these will looks on dolls


Hachi with shotgun, well the hands is gripping so it not properly but I think it will fit the holding hands

yeah I am too cheap buying dolls hands XD


The magnum very big XD let’s try on vee since she have the open hand


Still too big I think XD but still fun







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