Custom “Iron Man” Gauntlet for Dollfie Dream

January 23, 2016 at 6:36 am | Posted in Doll Clothes and Accessories, Repair/Tutorial/Custom | 10 Comments


Saw this Toy(with candy inside) at indom@ret (it’s a convenience store chain in indonesia) and I think with little modification this will be a good Gauntlet on my Doll XD.

obviously this a Bootlegs and not an official “Iron Man” merchandise


Comparison with DDS’ Arm


The candy sucks, but The arm have build in LED, which of course become the selling point of this toy XD


Little bit of articulation.


now the problem! no way DD’s arm can go inside


I don’t feel able to open or pop the hand off without giving any major damage so i decide to saw the wrist


I will try to save the LED gimmick


I want to keep the Original battery box, So I will cut it off and take it out from the arm.



trim the inside


Further trimming needed


Bandages LOL So I can rotate the gauntlet without worry damaging the vinyl


Can’t close properly since I remove most of the locking mechanism XD so I using tape for now



Not exactly perfect yet and I should make the Cable longer later, maybe with custom LED on chest XD


The plastic quality not that good ^^


Repulsor Beam







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  1. Wow nice mod! Very creative

    • Thank you 😀 , and Thank You for your visit seems a new face around 😉

      • Yes I just made my page today haha. I will be likely snowed in this weekend so it’s a good time to do some more photoshoots and build up the site lol. I love your page!

        • Look forward for it 😀 ,thanks.

  2. Nice mod. I’d be too lazy to do that kind of stuff. XD

    • Thank you,I do these Depends on my mood XD.

  3. Ah thats a cool mod, it fits better than one would expect from a “candy box” top.
    I like that you wrapped her inner arm to prevent Hachi from danger, so cute 😉
    Engineer Hachi is a cool concept.

    • I already find permanent replacement for the bandages, with cutting paper cup lol, Actually I was thinking about pepper potts like in the 3rd film last battle scene XD but yeah with t-shirt she rather looks cosplaying stark lol, now where I can get sports bra for dollfie XD

  4. Now this is well executed 🙂
    The battery and wire can even be concealed beneath her garment

    • Thx, Well I actually want the wire and battery still around the gauntlet ^^

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