HG Hyakuren (Iron Blooded Orphans)

March 5, 2016 at 7:05 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 6 Comments
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For me what really appealing from mobile suits from Iron Blooded orphans series is that they got no overpowered beam weapons XD Gundams still awesome but not overpowered XP

Hyakuren, I like this one because it got savage looks.



I like the weapons especially the brass knuckle looking weapon and the sheathed blade. there is also variant for this the pink Amida’s Hyakuren which gave additional larger rifle, also shown in the boxart above.


the feet looks so small



Knuckle guard


somehow the shoulder pop off easily, still not bad articulation


the blade don’t exactly tight fit inside the hand it kinda loose there



back look



add for the MS option set 2, the rocket launcher and grenade launcher, okay maybe XD



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  1. Design kinda remind me of the mechs from FMP.

    • Yeah maybe give slight impression of codarl especially that blade weapon

  2. cool Gundam robot model ^^ The Iron Blooded Orphans mechas all have muscles and thick armor. Yeah it’s good that there are no corner bending beams.

    • Thick armor but still mortal 😉
      corner bending beam, hyper beam, funnels/dragoons system ahaha those are too overpowered XD

  3. This MS looks interesting, I haven’t been updated with the new Gundam anime Iron Blooded Orphans, is it any good?

    • It’s quite good, Well the theme might too cruel and twisted and like I mention if you bored with beam weapons mobile suit in these series looks Great and with Refreshing theme XD

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