DD Sakuya Head (3rd girl ?)

April 2, 2016 at 6:44 am | Posted in DollfieDream | 6 Comments
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I got this head couple months Ago from a split, it’s a Head of DD Sakuya Mode : Crimson


Here comparison of all my Dollfie Dream Heads, all three are from Swordgirl Characters XD

Took me a while to get her a new wig (due to a cancelled group order) so yeah this post get delayed for months, until Finally I bought new wig that suit her better,but  before that here picture of her with saber alter wig and the volks magical tail mk 2





Finally her own wig


This one a Lullaby Poem LPW 35(chocotea color )


it got removable hair piece.


Now all she need is her own body XP


Prettiest Girl so Far ?


Pony tail



Considering I might use silly name,I will use name that Fabian suggest me, I will Call her “Hilde” or “Hilda” (Hilda Von brocken). I am sure such name origins from Norse mythology, Valkrie name sounds fit for a warrior XD





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  1. Haha good that you got a new head ^^ Lol I just realized how quickly I gathered three dolls. The new wig apparently suits her best, the curly sides are nice.

    Thx for using my suggested name, in anime they love german names, no idea why.

    Hilda is already a sweet girl, but do you consider a face up for her?
    Atelier Ryukku offers surprisingly affordable service for that.
    Haha I alrready dream of getting more pretty DD heads, unfortunately I have no luck at these Yahoo auctions, the hunt continues…

    • Thank you XD much better than silly names I said to you back then lol.
      I haven’t plan for custom face up yet maybe after I get bored I will consider new face up,good luck XD pretty custom head never comes cheap after all….often much more than limited doll heads…

  2. oh, is it izayoi sakuya’s head?
    she has a very good eyes!

    • Hi Bro long time no see 😀 No it’s The Shining Blade Sakuya http://myfigurecollection.net/item/162217m if it’s sakuya izayoi, I wish to own a full set XD
      Thank you ^^, thought some said the default eyes like a dead fish XD

  3. Hey! You have been nominated for the Liebster Award. It’s supposed to increase visibility of blogs like ours. I am passing some questions to you in the post here: https://playevolution.wordpress.com/2016/04/17/liebster-award/

    • Ah, just realized the post scheduled for 17 ^^ I thought this comment a spam at first,
      And I am so sorry, I guess I have to pass this time I barely have any blogger friends active left, that I can tag ^^ and I care less about visibility these days. Thank you so much regardless ^^

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