GC12 Kamen Rider Deep Specter

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Deep Specter1

GC12 Kamen Rider Specter

GC Stand for Ghost Change, which is a gimmick of this toy series, exchanging the Parka ghost that described as Damashii(souls)

Well if I wait the show ended I might find this for cheap( maybe half the price) and of course they will announce the Exclusive figuarts ver too, But this My favorite Rider form in Kamen Rider Ghost series, I can’t wait to have it XD. also once the series end, I might lost the temptation so at least i want to have this first in my collection

Deep Specter2

Crap.. No weapons included .. Deep specter use weapon exactly like Ghost Toucon Boost‘s Transformable weapon

Deep Specter3

Instruction sheet

Deep Specter4

without the parka

Deep Specter5

Back look

Deep Specter6

Deep Specter Ghost Parka

Deep Specter7

yeah the face is clear plastic with printed eyes

Deep Specter8


Mostly this made from sort of soft vinyl or rubber parts including the Horns and shoulder “spikes”

Deep Specter9

Let’s Make The Henshin Pose XD

Specter/Makoto Transformation pose is similar with Kotaro Minami(KR black)

Deep Specter10

Gen Kaigan…

Deep Specter11

Deep Specter12

Deep Specter12.5

Deep Specter13

Box adds, it shown Tutankhamun and Nobunaga Parka ghost and GC11 Grateful Damashii , seems this toy line quite successful compared to last year, the Tk Drive ended at Tk11 Drive Type Tridoron and this year we get GC13 as Ultimate form of KR ghost that released at the end of this month.

Deep Specter14

You can fold the hoodie

Deep Specter15

not nice looking one but no need to changing parts 😉

Deep Specter16

Since no weapon include,  I made these 2 “Deep Slasher” from 1mm pla-plate just for weapon posing in this post

Deep Specter17

Deep Specter18

Deep Specter19

Giga Omega Drive

Deep Specter20

Maybe in figuarts ver. they will incldue wings for “Gekikou Mode” Finisher

Deep Specter21

Comparison with AC gaim and Tk mach same height with TK but slightly taller than Gaim,also the parka concept definitely better looking than the fruit armor  open up gimmick






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  1. Without those Purple Samurai gears, the figure looks boring, dull and probably homophobic but once you put those wonderful gears, damn, he looks more sensible and decent… LOL

    • ahahaha Plain body XD after the popularity of gaim armors seems they making concept like that right now, I can think that next season they have similar concept too, plain body with multiple choices of gears, probably people seems prefer buying set of armors, instead multiple similar figures that just switch color like fourze or wizard

      • Kamen Rider OOO is the last Kamen Rider series that i watched/followed, I did watch a bit of Fourze but lost interest after several episodes, I watched the Wizard and then again lost interest half way though it… though its not bad that the modern Kamen Rider series use different and probably modern approach in their hero custom design but I started to lost interest with them… I guess those classic Kamen Riders in the 90’s and 2000’s are still much better than the modern Riders…

        • yeah the Showa and early heisei better for most, but after all they need to change and expand the market these days …. espesially these days they designed to market the TOYS which have shitloads of variations and gadgets LOL

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