HG Gundam Barbatos (Iron Blooded Orphans)

June 25, 2016 at 6:20 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 6 Comments
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Finally HG Barbatos and the Option set 1 for the Gun, this quite popular and the demand seems only down after they announce and released the 6th form ver. so I got this on march XD


The runners


quite interesting that they gave you 2 left arms, of course this a snap fit model kit so swapping armor is horrible idea.. and like they Anime series showed us, the gundam upgraded slowly piece by piece ahahaha 😀


early episode configuration


The mace, unfortunately the HG version don’t have the pile driver mechanism gimmick.


“perfect” Barbatos with the Katana


The Model kits on this series have quite reasonable price, but they put important weapon on these option set -_- in this case the Gun. it’s only Molded in one color … Anyway buying 2 option set can get you a single Gunpla, and you probably only want one or two of it’s contents


The Gun folded on back.

I really like this gun so basically, I bought this option set  just for this XD


only molded in one color and the rest are stickers


definitely nice gun also not an overpowered beam weapon 😛












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  1. Now I understand, they sell the upgrade parts for the Gundam, like this.
    I like the big gun XD Cool that it can be attached to back without Barbatos falling over.

    • well those option parts works on that build fighters series ahaha ^^, yeah my favorite weapon so far and just few weeks ago bandai opening order for exclusive HG Barbatos http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000104656/ which include every single parts to make Barbatos form 1 till 6th form and get 2 bodies……. of course that will cost like 4-5 times of this single kit XD

  2. Wow you already got this one… I really like the Berbatos, perhaps the only recent Gundam series that I like since OO and the other one where all 3 generation from the father and the son and the grandfather become Gundam pilot, I can’t remember the name, but that series is quite decent in fact. I plan to get my HG 1/144 Berbatos soon but I also need to get the tools to work on it….

    • Well many choice right now John, 3 of the HG 1/144 variants(not counting the exclusive, clear/shiny bling/etc) and 2 of 1/100 one XD
      3 generations the “Gundam AGE” one,Where are you old tools gone XD?

      • Stopped doing GunPlaMo for many years now, I guess the old tools were gone, misplaced or eaten by monster LOL… thus to start again, need to get some of the basic stuff again, probably they are available at hardware shop.

        Yes that’s the name Gundam AGE, that series is not bad actually, way much better than Reconguista in G which is supposed to be the finale of UC Era and yet no body have a clue what the story is all about.

        I think the old grandpa director Yoshiyuki Tomino have lost his touch there, it would be better if Bandai/Sunrise hire someone else to conclude the UC Era anime, the OO director is quite good actually.

        • I didn’t realize it’s been years since last one XD always saw gunpla in your blog back then LOL
          ahahaha true I have no idea of the story of G-Recon after episode 12 or so, quite confusing after it also overshadowed by gundam build fighter..
          as I see Tomino want to be different from the current anime Trending(something he always did) but it failed this time and the audiences can’t accept those

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