LEGO Winter Soldier

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LEGO minifigure of Winter Soldier.. I always wanting this, but hey I am not willing spend $15 for a minifigure lol , and I got no such promotion right here(spend certain amount on lego set to get this), so i wait for the Civil war version but in the end  the Civil war version from the set not exactly what I wanted, the face just re-use of star lord, so Finally I buying this lol


4 pcs and no instruction and weapon XD


I like this face with mask


the alternate face .. with the domino mask(maybe re-use Robin face?) .. it the film he use eye black camouflage  instead. well we can asume the mask face like in the film while this represent winter soldier in the comic book


back detail


Printed leg with holster


Metal arm details


well star wars gun will do i guess



Honestly this my first Lego from Super Heroes theme ahaha ^^ I stop buying lego before they releasing the super heroes theme, I guess I will start collect from this



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  1. At least you get what you want… or something like that, this looks decent, I’m not into Lego figure so much, I have Captain Jack Sparrow from the cheapo China copy brand and that’s about it…

    • Funny thing is Those copy brand have more variation than the Legit lego brands lol the iron man armors,heck they even make footballers or dragon balls

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