Hilda (NSFW)

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Contains Yuri scenes XP


Finally a body for This Sakuya Head XD and here Finally I introduce you, “Hilda Von Brocken”, not a DDdy body like I first plan thought


Basically Since, I bought my second doll, I always plan to own three Dolls.

I intended them to be sisters like in usual Ero/H manga XD harem of 3 sisters LOL, so yeah the 3rd doll will be either the oldest sister or a loli doll as youngest one :P. Actually I plan at first hilda to be use DDdy Body so she can be the Busty oldest sister ahahaha but, considering I will spend monies again for larger clothes, another DD body is fine, also I guess I need to bought those silicone “peach pai” bust and “peach hip” to make DDdy body looks perfect.

*I wont rule out buying 4th girl in the future but for now the original plan is done XD


So In the end I join an Asuna split and get this DD3 M bust base body


also get Asuna underwear from the split



I can get her L bust Later, for now this will Do I guess..



forgot the Sisters thing for now and let’s make them do Yuri poses 😛


With chain XD


or like this 😛



Vee, Hachi, and Hilda

She have friendlier face XD the others are somehow cold blooded assassins lol


Gravure XD




Just once, I want to take such picture XD







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  1. Wow you have more and more daughters now…. cool I guess you’re getting richer now eh? hahahahaha, I can’t barely afford 1 of them…. sigh

    • But I treat them more like pet or slave instead XD, who will believe that 😛 but of course spending such money on single merchandise will make you think a lot,after all I purchased the last 2 dolls piece by piece XD

      • Slave? mmmm, I guess you lick them neck and thigh from time to time when you alone eh? hahahahaha…. well, that’s normal, it’s OK to touch yourself once in a while and these 3 slaves will make it more enjoyable… slurrppppp!!! LOL LOL LOL….

        • hahahahaha XD

  2. Ah cute three dolls. hmm I missed taking a group picture of my bunch,
    I should think about a pretty group pose.

    I like the DDdy a lot, the hips and especially thighs are wonderful XD only the gap between legs and butt when the leg is pulled upwards is less pretty.
    Oh, DD is really slim, Hilda looks quite youthful with it, though also attractive the flushed cheeks are really sweet on her (‐^▽^‐)

    I approve of giving her more bust, but that is only my taste ;D
    Lol erotic chair play, I like how flustered Hilda looks there ^^

    I will have a 4th doll, I really want the DDP body for her, In the meantime I should somehow get a MDD or DDS body to have not another single head lying around.

    • I also interested in DDdy but yeah not for now XD after all I only have one clothes that fit that body size. Thank you XD, Erotic chair play ahaha
      I also want young girl as 4th doll maybe as daughter of one of the girls That would be a funny roleplay lol one as mommy and the rest as auntie Ahahahahaha 😛

      • You could just go for shirt and panties look. Normal DDdy boobs aren’t big, it’s still weird to have them on Chiyoda lol. But I understand I also have no MDD clothes. I would buy bear print panties first ;p

        When looking through my twitter I guess doing somehow questionable poses and short stories with loli dolls is hilarious and fun. ecchi and cuteness is really a good combination XD

        • Ahaha we will see XD should be weasel print panties :3
          Yeah I think so those loli doll on twitter and flickr looks more fun ahaha

  3. I’m wanna touch my self after looking at all the photos LOL LOL LOL… You got 3 Dolfie now, amazing…. maybe soon you will have an empire of them so you can have lots of fun with them hehehehehehe……

    • LOL glad you like them,Right now I buy one every two years ^^
      ahahaha maybe I should “modified” them to really have fun XP

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