Gashapon Machine (1/2 Capsule Station)

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Capsule Station

Gashapon Machine

Basically this a half scale of the Bandai’s Capsule Station, it was released years ago as capsule station 1/2  and get a re-released this year with different packaging and of course price 😛

let’s see despite being half size will this as fun as the regular one XD

Capsule Station1

Contents, got 6 empty capsules

Gashapon Machine2

The unit

Gashapon Machine3

Instructions,the joint part(to connect 2 gashapon machine side by side), the “coin indicator” covers.

Gashapon Machine4

top Cover and bottom parts, basically you can stack them with removing one these, depends you want at bottom or top.

Gashapon Machine5

The details is superb but mostly just decorations, the coin return or the Lock are just for details

Gashapon Machine6

The coin storage, Here where the coins will fall after you turn the switch

Gashapon Machine7

The coin cover indicator i guess, but they don’t exactly have such switch for which coins, any of these Japanese coins works 100,50,10,5,1 some foreign coins also might works but still works best with Japanese one as I tried.

Gashapon Machine8

Gashapon Machine9

Gashapon Machine11

Let’s try with different size capsule

Gashapon Machine12

Okay stuck … this only for the small size capsule ….

Gashapon Machine13

Connector if you have more than one you can connect them side by side

Gashapon Machine14

Gashapon Machine15

Let’s print different cover XD

Gashapon Machine16

yeah much better XD

Gashapon Machine17

Now let’s demonstrate how this works lol

insert the coin and turn the Handle

Gashapon Machine18

and capsule will come out

Gashapon Machine19

Empty ..

or you rather video ahaha 😀


Gashapon Machine20

Like I said this just re-released of the old one XD









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  1. It’s a funny mechanical item, is it really 1/2 though? it must be a small machine in reality. I like how Hachi can use it and it looks more less in scale ^^ haha put raunchy underwear in the balls so the dolls can try their luck XD

  2. Damn it!!! I really want this toy, this is fun!!!! I’m so jealous of you Aya huhuhuhu

    • 😀 glad you also like this machine

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