BIMA X Action Pose Collection Part 3

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So here this year batch of the BIMA X action pose series and I believe would be the last for the BIMA -X

of course I am Couple months late buying and reviewing these XD, They switch them into Box packaging this time..

anyway They don’t exactly put batch name on these like part 3 or so ^^


Harder to peek than before but here I got BIMA-X Ultimate Dark mode and Evil Torga


Based on the line up they add 3 new figures the BIMA X ultimate Dark mode, BIMA Legend and Evil torga, they also show the line up from the First batch

well as for now I just missing the Kranion/Kuranion and the Torga Ice Mode


The cape is stickers LOL


Evil Torga

they don’t Miss cut this time 😛


Figures after applying the stickers

maybe just my feeling but I think the stickers have lower quality than before not sure thought


Comparison with their counterpart


So BIMA X Ultimate Dark which basically BIMA X using the Dark Power Stone of Azazel

How I wish  instead of cape they giving the wings like in the show ^^


and Evil Torga which is Topeng Besi 😛 (Iron mask) transformation


It’s really cool episode when these 2 Tigers fight XD


All BIMA X Forms, yeah some of them pretty dusty XP


My Collection of BIMA X Action Pose








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  1. I don’t know much about Bima X series but as for the toys, I think it’s quite fun, a very cost efficient for Bandai to produce this, blank figure coupled with fun stickers to make them complete. A decent idea though I’m not a fan of the series.

    • well these cost like 3SGD each so they need to make it cost efficient ^^

  2. Hey man. THEY MADE IT INTO A MOVIE : SATRIA HEROES REVENGE OF DARKNESS. may 4th in Indonesia Cinemas SUPER GOD HELIOS -TARANIS are finally made into toys.

    • Haven’t see them around yet ^^ Not exactly super excited about them since it’s just vehicle for action pose, I rather see more high end action figure of Bima and Hopefully better than one from the 1st season

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