Captain America’s Motorcycle

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LEGO Captain’s America Motorcylce

a Polybag of Civil War LEGO set


Parts and Instructions


also advertisement for the Civil war Lego Sets


Captain,His Bike and an extra part


Front Print


Back print


Sidecar with missile is nice addition




The Bike without sidecar


Let’s Kick Tony’s ass Bucky






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  1. Funny coincidence; I just watched Civil War this weekend. Cap never rode a motorcycle in the movie but Bucky did. XD

    • ahaha what a coincidence XP, True He never did ahaha, in larger set the Bike belong to Bucky

      • But Black Panther didn’t ride his plane during…(ad infinitum) XD

        Funny how Lego changes stuff with their interpretation of certain movie scenes.

        • Without doubt of course it’s to increase the Price XD ahahaha yep during the bucky chase he just run, but considering This the only set which include black panther minifigure. I can’t think where else they should put the plane ahahaha 😀 (also as usual this lego set released like 2 months before the movie aired like usual of superhero series action figures and even transformers toys ^^ so maybe they don’t want spoil much of the scenes)

          • Lego spoiled plenty with the Airport Battle’s Giant Man. XD I don’t disagree with Lego putting Panther’s plane in that set since it wasn’t featured in any exciting movie scenes (and probably helped liven up the Pursuit set for that matter since it woulda felt kinda empty with just the motorcycle and jeep).

            • ahaha true spoiling the Giant Man appearances XD, well the only important minifigure missing in the entire Civil war set is Helmut Zemo, I wish they made final battle set 😀 battle worn captain, bucky,and iron man would be interesting 😀 also adding helmut zemo and black panther unmasked maybe 😛

  2. polybag…? Lego ran out of cardbox or what 😛
    funny how Lego adapts everything popular these days.
    So can the bike shoot a rocket or not?

    I also watched Civil War recently, they had sooo many superheroes.
    Black Panther was a bit embarrassing to watch XD

    • They made cheap set to sell for less than $5 mostly in polybag, and also sometimes as bonus if you purchase the larger set in cardbox, yes can shoot the rocket but of course you need to flick it to fire ahaha ^^
      Just a hero driven by vengeance 😛 not much screen time too XD

      • Black Panther’s character had plenty of screen time if you count both in and out of costume. The problem was he didn’t make much of a splash as Black Panther compared to Spiderman who left quite an impression at the airport battle. :/

        I think using a regular box for a small 26 pc set would be a bit crazy. It would have to be a really small box or have a lot of empty space inside. Either way it wouldn’t make sense from a marketing perspective. 😀

  3. Cap ride this kind of bike? I can’t remember anything about it but this seems to be quite a fun lego toys for MCU movie fans like us hehehehe….

    • He ride Bike couple times but not shaped like these ahahaha you think LEGO will make new mold just for captain bike ? hell no way ahahaha 🙂

  4. If Cap’n ‘Murica actually rode that bike in the movie and fired that missile at the villain, he would have been my favorite Avenger!

    • Damn Right … Also The fact that he rarely use Guns…… make me think Black widow and Hawkeye have more killcount than him LOL

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