LVUR04 Kamen Rider Genm

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LeVel Up Rider 04 Kamen Rider Genm ~ Action Gamer

The first figure I bought from this series ^^ I guess I will wait for my favorite form for the Ex-Aid one




Instructions and how to transform it into Lv1 using the Body Shell which include in LVUR01


Mighty Jump.. Mighty Kick .. Mighty~ Action~…. X


The Back


Closer look to the Lv1 Head/Mask


like the Idea of the Health bar 😀 ?


Gashacon Bugvisor, this seems quite useful in the show as it used as weapon,transformation pad into Bugster, spread the Bugster Virus and implied to be transformation Belt into Kamen Rider in the future


But for now it only shown as weapon


Gun Mode



Chainsaw Mode


Tiny chainsaw 😛



Mighty Critical Strike!


I don’t have LV1 body yet so basically you fold the figure like this and attach it to the Body shell, not fan of this idea


Mostly the Same like usual Gimmick Kamen Rider figures but the Knees Articulation definitely improve a lot, or they improve it just for the LV1 mode transformation?


Comparison with Gaim,Deep Specter and Drive Type Tridoron


Back of the box shown the Lv1 Genm, and LVUR05 The Gekitotsu Robots which can transform into armor for the Kamen Riders.


I try making Gashats to hold, still uncolored thought 😀 I guess Lime color would make it looks like Shakariki sports 😉

Last, I Also notice unlike the Previous Kamen Rider Gimmick toys this time, The Figure is “Made in Thailand”, but it well known that Sentai DX and Power ranger stuff also made in Thailand, Not a Problem but since Gaim,Drive and Ghost series of Gimmick Figures Are Made In China maybe this Worth a mention 🙂 .


Shakariki Critical Strike~

Find this Plastic Bicycle, I am pretty sure it’s a toy from Kinder joy 😀 It’s too small of course 😉





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  1. ever since Wizard, I lost track with all the Kamen Riders series after that, kind of lost interest… as for this new series, I haven’t watch apart from the trailer, I can see they have a funny looking fat short chubby Kamen Rider, almost like a cartoon character, what ever that means I don’t know but he certainly look funny!!!

    • After the phoenix phantom defeated, I kinda bored when watching wizard 😦 they killed the main nemesis too early in series and no-one good enough to replace him as the super villain ahahaha.
      Well can’t please anybody 😀 Like how I barely watch anime these days.. at certain point I am sure will stop watching these newer kamen riders like I did with Super Sentai.
      The concept is That chubby looking thing Lv 1 form is used to seprate the monster(bugster) from it’s Human host LOL but of course like kabuto masked form it will barely appear in later episodes … but maybe it’s a way to attract more kids to watch the show, a funny shape Like Teletubbies :3 but the concept of Level UP and the Retro Video Games kind of good (for now)

  2. I kind of like this latest of SD Kamen transforming to life sized concept. Quite refreshing idea.

    • We seen many pre-form like kuuga growing, ryuki blank,den-O plat kabuto masked, but seems this time they really make it more useful ^^ as the Deformed rider Fight well 😀

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