Gundam DASH #04 MS-13 Gasshia

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Gundam Dash #04

like I mention on the Title the capsule contain “MS-13 Gasshia” figure.


Let’s see the line up.  ASW-G-01 Barbatos(The Only ‘Gundam’ in this line up), Eb-06 Graze, transformable Ymt-05 Hildolfr.

They release Barbatos like 3 times in Gundam Dash this one from #04 got katana, I think the other got the mace and one in SP which is metallic color believe


3 variants of ems-10 Zudah, the middle definitely the commander type and last the one that I got MS-13 Gasshia

If you ask me which one I really want … I want one of the Zudah 😀


ad Here Gasshia


so this Gashapon got Joints 😀


so larger joint for shoulder and smaller one for elbow


all set

funny weapon XD it’s like a gun with Gundam Hammer on tip of the barrel.

I Try watch Youtube video of the game which this suit appear as and that’s right,

it shooting that “hammer thing” like a rocket launcher @_@


It seems Basically Gasshia is an Updated version of Z’gok but it also work in space combat


His right rockets pod is open while his left is closed


Comparison wit Older SD Gundam Gashapon, the Char’s Gelgog is from ‘SD Gundam Custom’ while Seravee is from ‘SD Gundam Impact’





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  1. Didnt know there is a product like this
    the joints definitely a plus

    • I believe This The 2nd Generation of Jointed SD gashapon after Gundam Next(which only the shoulder section got joint) now they releasing Next Generation called ‘Gundam Forte’ which also include Replacement Hands starting this year

  2. This Gaisha looks quite cute and I don’t mind to get the “proper” figure of it (in 1/144 or 1/100 scale) especially if they come in pink color!!!

    • I doubt they will make one soon, but yeah a proper model for him would be great, Pink Gasshia hmmm such color make it easier to shot down XD

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