Battle B-Daman Zero 2 Body + PET Bottle Magazine

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Old B-Daman of ‘Battle B-Daman’ Era 😀

Zero 2 body and PET Bottle Magazine


I bought 2 Basic Frame Bodies, but for this post I will only use the Red one.



So here the Red Zero 2 Body

I guess I won’t put the Sticker on, Except the visor.


With Marble inside

Shooting Test


Here my old Cobalt Blade(which mixed with Proto one parts)  and and DHB Armor

I mainly buy This Body for my DHB armor, I will show them later, now move to the PET Bottle magazine


Simpler than I thought


So here the main part.


with the Bottle That Included from This set, Well I seen old parts from ‘Super B-Daman’ era which is a connector for PET Bottle, but this Time they also include the Bottle 🙂

Unfortunately It really have bad balance make the B-daman always fall to the back


So basically works with Any PET bottle with right mouth size, But very heavy will make your B-Daman fall by it’s own

Also with a lot’s of marbles inside it quite not practical for battle, because it will slow you down when moving the Heavier B-daman

Cobalt Blade Test


Now The Zero 2 body with The DHB (Direct Hit Battle) Armor.



Zero 2 + DHB


+ proto 01 armor Helmet

I lost some parts of my Proto 01 Armors and Cobalt Blade(like the visor) but they still good


Here comparison with Burning Arrow(or rather Wild Wyvern) and Dracyan


I was wondering what exactly the differences of Zero 2 Body and my Zero body (cobalt blade frame)

The don’t looks much different


But after disassemble, I realize that Zero 2 Core parts is separate from the head unlike the Zero

Because apparently Zero 2 have variants of the Core like the Delta core which for drive shot and roller core for Rapid Fire, and sometimes it’s unique, basically just like the current Core system adapted in newer Cross Fight Series.











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  1. YES!
    The childhood nostalgia is STRONG in this post!
    As always thank you for your’s fine reviews, you are a man with a fine taste. Also you post are written in way that makes them really enjoyable for me.
    P.S. Did you made any “non official” modifications on any b-damans (like rubber tape strips etc.)?

    Thank you for your hard work, I hope that there will be even more B-daman stuff
    Krzysztof from

    • Thank you for visiting 😀 Glad you enjoy Them 🙂
      I used to did modification on them when I was kid, I had a lot from ‘Super B-daman’ Era, but I am pretty sure they are TThongli bootlegs(I am sure still keep them in the warehouse,So many boxes and haven’t check or years ), I usually making Parts for them with paper or plastic Usually magazine or barrel because back then it’s hard to find parts.
      There will be more B-Damans Post ^^ at the very least 2 more

      • Thank you, I will wait for more.
        Also, your DD’s are really CUTE, me and my girlfriend (Fejwsi on twitter) like them a lot but the price of them here in Europe is quite HIGH.
        Also what do you think about:
        – Tamiya Mini4wd
        – Bandai Crush Gear
        And it is cool that you are into Kamen Rider too, only pain of having Kamen Rider belts for me is that the belts are too short for me.

        Thank you for your great posts

        • Ah so you sharing blog with your girlfriend,Now all make sense XD (those mini4wds,gundams,etc)
          I understand the Custom fees for importing these stuff in Europe, and they pricey from the beginning,and To be Honest these DDs replace my Anime figures collection ^^…
          For South East Asian who born in 80s or 90s Mini4WD really a Huge BOOM in every generation(The DASH Series in early 90s and the Let’s and Go in my generation)^^ every cities have their own store and the store build their own racing Tracks,Now mostly adults play but yeah it’s still a Thing to be played here ^^
          and My big brother used to play competitive mini4WD, I mostly just collect them and play casually,I even own the 3 lanes Track ^^ Also Last year Tamiya open an Office in my country and they do opening with a Grand Race competition with 5 lanes track.

          Crush Gear only hyped a while back when I was kid, because it competing with Beyblade, when they aired the Anime series in local TVs, it’s short lived as only turbo aired, but 2 years ago people somehow start too play again (mostly guys who their childhood filled with these toys) and grew into huge community all over the country, and some cities have their weekly battles and competition, Not sure if they still do it often. I somehow follow it to get my Dream Crush Gears, Thought I still can’t get the Ark Cavalier because it’s so expensive ^^ so They merely for nostalgic purpose.They are cool but I don’t actually enjoy battling Crush Gear.

          I like Kamen rider ahaha of course it’s started when they aired the shows in local TVs as kid, They aired Black and RX and later Kuuga until Blade, I start to get know kamen rider again when touch the internet and start to ‘actually’ follow them again during KIVA, Belts too short ahaha they are kids toy after all ^^ that’s why Bandai selling those belt extension and the CS modification for adult use. but of course, I never into the gadget and belt ^^

          • About the Mini4wd crazy, here in Europe the Slot cars were and still are popular. But the Mini4wd are not know at all (besides the Italy that have regular championships and even “Italian Style” builds of mini4wd).
            On Twitter I have meet some guys from italy that are into STREET RACING like in DASH! Yonkuro, they run with remodeled Mini4wd and hockey sticks
            And I bought a Bandai “Heavy Spike Force” by accident, just like Bandai’s EGG Walker (SDlike Robots that fights just like beyblades) from:
            The Kamen Rider Drive was first for me, earlier I was thinking that it is “weird and childish” to watch guys in spandex suits fighting other dudes in other spandex suits. But the theme of Cars in DRIVE made me reconsider it, and now I am sink in the franchise.

            I will try to add some translations from Polish/German to English on my and Fejwsi’s blog to get more fans, sadly only “military model kits” are popular here (well respected and Poles are quite well know for it in Europe) so posting about toy’s from 90’s and early 00’s will not interest a lots of local fans.
            And thank you for the link with belt extension, it will help a lot.

            Thank you

            • Street Mini 4wd Awesome stuff 😀 first time hear about this(other than in manga of course), yeah some country have different style of modification other than the TAMIYA regulated one, we got the sloop and Drag” which more speed oriented.
              Heavy spike force, IOD is cool right XD …

              In US they kinda late licensing the Toys of Beyblade or B-daman, they start with newer generation.
              I should agree 90s and early 00s toys not exactly popular worldwide in some post people just replied which basically “this nostalgic toys from when they were kids” that’s all ahaha, But that’s the point of making the blog post 😀 to find who got the passion for these, and yeah I just see one today 🙂
              Yeah I seen most adult who somehow start watch tokusatsu shows feel the same thing ^^ I personally never expect much of the show because in the end it’s kids show ^^ not like anime which more aimed towards adults these days.

              I somehow feel that’s ironic about how military model kits become popular in EU, I mean considering Europe Past, almost whole Europe is battlefield during world wars, but yeah of course most of the modellers not experiencing them ^^
              You’re welcome

              • Thank you for adding me as a friend on Facebook.
                Also in early childhood like most of kids my age I LOVED Power Rangers (the 1st ones) but I learned years later that those were base on Japanese Super Sentai series so KR and other have a bit of nostlagia in them for me, but it still was a bit weird watching again stuff like that,
                Now about Mini4wd and the street ones, it is MUCH cheaper than regular ones and modifications are different. A orginal Tamiya 2 or 3 line circuit cost a sick amount of $$$ so that would be a problem for promoting it for me, and the idea of running WITH it is cool. So I bought quite a lot of mini4wd kits and gunpla kits and gave them away as gifts for people (You can google: “Ranalcus paczka” (paczka is box in Polish) there will be few videos and guite a lot of blog posts about stuff that I gave for other people.
                And there is quite a lot of simmilar toy lines between Bandai and Takara/Takara Tomy, I don’t remeber the name but there is some of “sumo like” plastic model kits made by Bandai that are simmilar to ones by “racing ” Takara – both series are model kits of robots that you had to WIND UP first with a key. I will make pictures of it and post it on facebook, ok?

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