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LEGO Ferrari F138, Basically this Shell promotion stuff of LEGO Ferrari

About F138 Chassis

The last Chassis which use V8 Engine


This An official Ferrari Merchandise


The parts


Ah This a Pull Back Car


They Are stickers but these are Nicely Detailed Sponsors 😀


The Car and Extra parts

I would say that Blue represent Fernando Alonso Helmet while the Green represent Felipe Massa one ? I Believe Felipes’s Helmet is Yellow but no sign of this part attached in the instruction ^^ it’s shown in the instruction but just lying near the car as shown below lol


Here the Line up of Shells’ LEGO

I really like the Finish line and Podium but come on no Drivers !! ^^


Front look


Side Look


From Top






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  1. There were a pullback motor parts for LEGO?
    Last time when I was playing with LEGO were around the time of Slizers and 1st gen Bionicle.

    • Yes there are pull back LEGOs (I am pretty sure it start with Racers series) but this the first time I see smaller version ^^ I should have making video too but yeah i am pretty sure search LEGO Shell in youtube will show plenty of these pull back shell Ferraris

      Slizer the one that shot/throw the disc right 🙂 haven’t heard that for a long time ahaha it’s s short lived compared to Bionicle

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